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  1. I was talking my buddy on MSN and I asked him if he wanted to come over for a sesh and try out this bong I have. His buddy that I don't like comes on his msn and keeps telling me to go to his house and rip buckets (grav bong), I obviously keep saying no because the point of asking my friend to come sesh is because I wanted to rip the bong. So after 5 minutes of saying no he starts becoming pissy and starts ripping on me and callin me a pussy and saying bongs are for noobs and bitches. He goes on and on about how I am such a noob because I don't smoke joints and don't rip buckets all the time. I bring up the topic of Marc Emery and how he loves bongs and what he said for a "professional smoker" (yeah he called himself a pro smoker?) dumbfounded me.

    he said

    "WHO THE FUCK IS MARC EMERY? I DON'T CARE ABOUT SOME RANDOM." (referring as a random buddy of mine or something)

    I couldn't believe it, all I could say was, your calling me the noob? but you have no idea who marc emery is?

    Well my buddy is not coming over for a sesh, and this little asshole has kinda gotten on my nerves. I am not a noob, I know my shit. and he pisses me off.

    Any feedback on tonight's event?
  2. How's the new bong?
  3. fuck the hoogabalu and get to the bong ripping
  4. i wouldnt worry about it. some days i fucking hate my friends and some days i would step in front of a bullet for them. just say sorry man about last night and burn him down and do a bunch of shit for him so he feels really bad cuz your a good for me.
  5. meh more weed for you and plus you have the security of not having that new bong getting broken
  6. who is marc emery?

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