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  1. Moved to foco about a month ago, been in Kind Creations a few times, the last time i was in there they had a half off shelf to get rid of product, oil cans an various other, 300-450 dollars normally, and its superb quality.
    single oil can for two hundo? hell yeah i said id be back in next tuesday (today) and they said cool!
    Go in there today....
    oil can to circ for normal 520 for 260! i was shittin myself (not really) at the deal that sat in front of me.
    Twice the piece 60 bucks more, talked him down ten more an wahhh laaahhhh
    Resampled_2013-05-21_15-24-43_441.jpg Resampled_2013-05-21_15-24-36_669.jpg Resampled_2013-05-21_15-24-55_420 (1).jpg

  2. Crazy good deal. Congratulations on the pick-up. Boss.
  3. Thanks i feel so fortunate
  4. Bump for love!
  5. Ill post one up tonight!
  6. Here it is dont know if its the best but i only took one!
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  7. Last time...
    Bump :(

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