Kim Kardashian

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    Men want her and women want to be her. Can you blame them? I mean Jesus Christ. When I think of a perfect body, I think of hers. Her body is natural, those chesticles are not fake. Just look at them. And that ass....would not have cellulite if it was fake. Yeah, my friend posted this on fb and I just had to comment on how hot of a bitch she is.

    If I were a man, I'd fuck her to oblivion. But since I'm a hetero girl, she is my lesbian-fantasy girl and I'd still fuck (finger-bang?) her to oblivion. Even though I'm not remotely attracted to pussy....that body is just :eek: wowzah.


    I can't post the link to the nude version of those two pics but stop being lazy and google them. The magazine is called "W".
  2. She's an empty, air-headed bimbo!

    Though she does have a good body. As opposed to looking like a skeletal waif.

    I still pick mind over matter though.
  3. dames a dime:yummy:

    eat, beat, skeet-repeat.
  4. i googled that shit before i even read your instruction to go google it.
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    She has pancake nipples.
  6. I don't really wanna be her... but I do think she is very beautiful.
    I like her alot more then Paris Hilton :}
  7. cant even find it on google...

    feels bad man
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    A certain Akon song comes to mind when I see her..

    Edit.. Saw that pancake nips, and I would still smack..
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    I've heard about rich and brattish she is.

    For some reason, people who are extremely well-off and flaunt it, is a 100 percent turn off for me.

    If she used her brain more than the money, then my answer would be totally different but for now I wouldn't fuck her.

    Edit: I will say that PURELY bodywise, I would. fuck. the shit. outta that ass. Pun, kinda intended :D
  10. Ew. Ew ew ew. I just looked up the uncensored pics, and good god those tits are disgusting. And I'm an ass man, but not a gigantic ass man. I care more about form than size, and her ass is just too damn big for me. I like em round and perky, not looking like those ridiculous porn star oversized triple-J tits :barf:

    I just don't find her that hot, but then again 90% of the chicks people think are "hot" I could totally do without.

    If you can't find it it's on a site with "perez" in the URL. Don't say I didn't warn you though......EW
  11. I'd smash
  12. Oh the things I would do to her, and for her.:wave:

  13. You act as if an ass that's slightly too big for you is the most disgusting thing ever. Tits are good in size but you're right they ain't nothing for her to be too proud of.

    That ass though, in my opinion, is fucking phenomenal! :D

    But like I said, personality wise, eh.... No, wouldn't fuck her.
  14. I heard about this on the radio today... but I haven't seen any pictures of it? :confused:

    Edit: Just saw them.. her nipples are nasssssty. And, that ass is almost too big.

    Give me a skinny, petite blonde girl. YUMMMMM
  15. No, I act as if her ass is just too big for me :confused: And not just by slightly, either. The entire package is what I find kinda gross though, I just really don't find her attractive at all. I see girls a million times hotter just normal day to day around the city, I just don't see what the big deal about her (or paris hilton or any other "OMG SHES THE HOTTEST THING EVAR!!!11" chick who really isn't that damn hot) is. [​IMG]

  16. a lot of suspect ppl in this thread :hide:

  17. Did you mean to post in the "Official I Got Busted" thread? I don't see any suspects here :confused:
  18. no im in the right thread..your post earlier makes you sound like a 10 year old that just saw his first pair of tits in the tv and is disgusted...
  19. Or it makes me sound like I don't like nasty looking tits :confused: Did you look at her dinnerplate nipples? Maybe you're down with giant nips, but just because I'm not doesn't make me a 10 year old :rolleyes:

    edit: put it this way....those white circles in the OP are about as small as they can possibly be without exposing areola. Again, EW

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