killer kill

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by thedanksta, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. killer kill your lungs off
    man these nugs r the dank
    i havent blazed like this in a minute
    man this is some good shit

    oh man

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  2. oh man oh man oh man oh man

    broke this nug open look at the crystals inside that bastard

    whooooooo eeeeeeeee suuuuuuuueeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy

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  3. ya get alot of grams or half grams dont ya...
  4. Yep that's some dank shit
    I had some blue or pink dot the other day, just covered in resin on the inside and out.More orange hairs than that but it was amazing bud but expensive at $340 a zip

  5. i usually get about an eighth a day
    but only take pics of the best lookin buds
    that 1st nug was 1.9
    and the second was the same one busted up
  6. That nug really doesn't look like a 1.9 man, do you have a scale? you should check your shit if you buy that often.
  7. dude cmon now
    i have a scale sittin right in front of me
    i have about an o of that stuff now too
    it was 1.9
    it broke up into 2 fat blunts
    and we roll hallf eighths in blunties
    when it was on the scale it said 1.9
    id show u but that nug is long gone
    i have a palmscale
    and if there is something i need to know about tose type of scales i'll get rid of it
  8. Looking good as usual danksta. :D
  9. Its hard to tell the size of a bud in pics enless you have something proportional next to it like a lighter or summit. Anyway lookin good:)
  10. That musta been one big ass nug lol
  11. My friend has a 14 gram nug.
  12. Was no offense danksta, you can't really tell what the size of that bud from the pic, looks tiny to me :)

    Biggest nug I've ever owned was 5gs :/
  13. take a picture of the nug on the scale then ill believe u

  14. damn...wish i had me that right about now *sigh*...*dry*

  15. its really not that big a deal dude, cause thats some damn fine bud, wish i had the money for nugs

  16. hahahahahaha
    thats funny except it was smoked right after i took the pic
    i had an eighth
    it was 2 nugs
    and u didnt break it up i did it was 2 fat filled phillies
    rolled tight as can be too
    no hard feelings there homey
    come to central cali and i roll one with ya
  17. cow i thought u grew outside?

    u already out?

    jeeze my man...i might have to come and visit ya
  18. I did, until some asshole stole my plants.... o well, I knew it would probably happen... I've postponed my growing until I can afford some nice hydroponic setup, pretty sure I'm doing a SOG

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