Killer catapillars

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  1. Killer caterpillars that trigger asthma attacks invade Queen's back garden


    Windsor Castle invaded by the two-inch-long, black-headed creepy crawlers can trigger fatal asthmas attacks, anaphylaxis, severe rashes and fever

    Killer caterpillars have been spotted in The Queen’s back garden at Windsor Castle sparking fear in the royal residence.

    The two-inch-long, black-headed creepy crawlers can trigger fatal asthmas attacks and fever if approached.

    Touching the larvae of the Oak Processionary Moths can also cause anaphylaxis and severe rashes.

    The caterpillars each have 63,000 white toxic hairs on their bodies which they use in self-defence.

    They have been spotted in Windsor Great Park just metres from the royal residence in the Berkshire town.

    Bosses of the park - some of which is open to the public - have put out warnings about the dangers.
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  3. Damn mon I never heard of those before! Are they all over the place over there Brews? Ill have to try to remember to stay away from them if I ever come through the U.K!

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  4. I'm not sure friend it only said London in the article I read
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  5. They look trippy lbvs! Like a alien species or something lol. :eek:

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