Killer babies

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by VoodooVince64, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Me and my bro were having a debate about the zombie apocalypse, and the we thought up if only babies got infected and the whole town was being torn apart by crazy zombie babies.

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  2. LMFAO...that's funny shit right there
  3. I'd punt those little bastards into traffic; or powerbomb them into a woodchipper
  4. Well....they wouldn't be able to move very fast so I think we would stand a decent chance.
  5. No we're talking straight some left 4 dead zombies. fast and fucked up haha. except babies.
    They didn't do a very good job editing the clips together.. missed a good bit of the baby running around too.
  7. bahahaha thats awesome
  8. well if those bitches are babies. they can't walk. so I'd just step on them all or kick them in their face
  9. There was an autistic kid in high school with me that used to rant and rave about the cannibal baby hiding in the brush coming to eat him and his dogs
  10. Since they'd be small I'd just get a steamroller and run them over, like bish.

    Fuck yo presents!
  11. This is different than babies but I always wondered in a real zombie apocalypse humanity would be fucked because think of all the people on steroids or all the pro athletes getting infected. Imagine usain bolt fucking chasing you wanting to eat your brain..

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  13. Imagine twins bursting out of a pregnant chick feasting on people around her, they'd all be ticking time bombs
  14. My baby s Valentine's Day present with mad products ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1423873068.731381.jpg

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  15. Haha yeah they would be crawling mayhem . I would just throw cookies and milk and wait for their nap time then I would take them all gently and throw them in fire . And cry and eat myself to death in Doritos and have Pineapple Express infinity in the background and a bong that created it's only endless weed and a lighter that is never lost or out of fuel.

  16. Zombie Babies :lmafoe:
  17. My .223 runs faster, not worried. How come all the zombie movies never show the zoms with soiled pants?

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  18. Batista bomb that bitch

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  19. Id throw usain bolt some rotten chicken but on a serious note that athlete or bodybuilder a when turn are like bosses from left 4 dead

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