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KillaCouples Tough Tent

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by H3rbOshin, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Alright guys for those of you that remeber me me I had a small diy wardrobe grow. Now I've upgraded to a new sixfoot square tent which I've sectioned off into a veg room and flower room. Until I have some plants to flower I'll be doing everything in the one room.

    So here's the details:


    1x 400w mh cooltube
    1x 125w cfl (6400k)
    2x 6" lasko clip fan
    1x 6" duct fan to carbo filter
    1x 25 site bucket cloner
    1x 200w myheat heater

    As far as plants go I have

    2x Dinafem cheese mothers
    2x nirvana papaya mothers

    75x cuttings (pretty much half and half)
    25 of which are in the aero cloner rest in a hempy
    Propogater I designed with plastic shot glasses

    Anyway here's some pics.
  2. Total space


    Stock momma s



  3. Subbed! Shotgun!;)
  4. Wouldn't have any one else riding duce
  5. I'm in!

    Nice setup!

    Peace & Love
  6. Glad to have you here
  7. Chair pulled up...lets Grow !!!!
  8. So it's five days in for the clones nothing yet as far s roots. I'm in no rush considering i always kill most of them hope i have some better luck this time round
  9. I'm subbed!
  10. Long tone no see man what's you think of the new tent
  11. Looks good! I see u got alot going on. I'm still doing things the same not much change for me. Think I will get my thread going again soon.
  12. Glad to hear it man I'll be looking forward to it
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    Picture update:

    Finaly got around to putting up some more mylar sheets. Was such a wasted wwall being only black. Young plants lower leaves are yellowing but I normaly see that before the roots explode or so I hope. Otherwise everything else is doing good. Perlite clones looking great at 8 days
  14. Okay so its fifteen days my clone buckets not doing as well as id like again but perlite ones seem great going to do done regular maitnence and e what i can't get going when i get back home
  15. Just an update clone Bucket got hit with stem rot ugh... Terrible. I diagnosed the problems again and put a new wave in. On the other hand Perlite clones looking great. I think the bubbler was just getting to much light i also germinated some lemon Kush seeds so we will see how that goes
  16. Okay so i replaced cuttings in the clone bubbler with some new ones. As far as My perlite clones go i got 27 rooted cuttings about 1/4 of what my space can fit so I'm immediately going to continue propagation and try to fill up pics later will be posted
  17. subbed. Question.....are those clones containers completely full perilite? And if so why do you do that? Ive had pretty good luck with rockwool so far
  18. It was just an experiment to see if hempy cups could work so small. Also i have so much perlite . I find that if i let the perlite dry on top and Jeep water in it's tiny reservoir it will force roots to extend there. I cab say I've had great results. But be warned when watering use a syringe or you'll make a mess
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  20. Hey guys so wake up this morning to my clones a little wilty no time to look at now will after work here's a pic


    My clones usually get a little yellow so I'm not crazy concerned just yet

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