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kif,hash,pollen,pollen press

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by im_doing_me, May 31, 2006.

  1. im from the uk so try and understand the words i use..................

    basicly,,im collecting my pollen or kif whatever u want to call it, after gring my bud.can this be rubbed into hash?

    and also, what give hash that aroma........its simalar to some low grade shit we call mersh in the uk...dunno if that is the same as "shwag". someone let me know and make a post.
  2. Sounds like the same as schwag, or regs in the us...

    UK people speak so funny...

    Yeah, you can rub that into hash. Usually what I've seen is usign a series of screen. You use a rather course one at first, then you use a finer screen, then even finer... What you'll end up with is a few different layers of pure thc.

    Take that, and put it in a fold of parchment paper (its the stuff in the aisle in the store near aluminum foil and zip-loc bags)

    Fold the parchment paper (I'm sure wax-paper works here too) over the kief you screened out, and go grab a clothing iron. Set this to its lowest setting, and press the kief into a hard layer.

    Unfold the paper, and while its still warm, mold the pressed kief into a ball or a square or whatever shape you want (square corners can be broken off easier.. I think if I made hash I'd make it into a pencil-thin tube to break it off with a knife easier).

    Then you smoke it.

    Of course you could always just skip the whole screen thing, and just press your pollon/kief the way it is.... But it will be more pure if you screen it first.
  3. really? over here,,,pollen costs,,,450 for an ounce! where as you can get 4 and a half ounces for that price of buds!

    so i wudnt really want to screen my pollen leaving behind.,,,,what? usless poleen?:confused: saving a little pure thc.

    i just get pollen by shaking good bugs that have already been shaken (abused),,whilst passing hands...understand my english lol??

    but what it better...makign hash from pollen,,,or making it the other way,,by getting the plant matirial u want to use,,and using it to make hash.........instead of,,extracting the pollen,,using it,,and leaving a really shit bud left to smoke(a useless bud)....unless i am misunderstanding everything!.................i wud think the best thing to do wud be to buy really cheap ounces of like shake,,little bugs and leaf....which in bulk has thc,,when accounted for all together...even the leafs,,,which u can make the hash from
  4. i would buy an ounce of keif for 450 in a heartbeat.

    i would split it with a few friends, but that is just so much fucking keif i couldn't turn it down.
  5. Pollen is what is released by the male plants during reproduction. It contains no THC. Kief is the sticky stuff on female plants. So kief = kief...not pollen...why do yall call it pollen? :confused:
  6. it's what they call the catchers on keif grinders.

    so maybe people just stuck with the name.
  7. hey im_doing_me
    im pretty sure u think when when u remove the thc
    which most people use a grinder too do,
    that the bud left over is useless
    that bud is perfectly good because there is still thc on the insides of it that cant rly be removed
    you should smoke he buds and the kief left over is what u would use to make hash
    in most grinders it has two purposes,
    to grind up ur weed for better smoking
    and collecting kief
    so if u buy a grinder whenever u smoke break up ur weed and it
    and smoke it of course
    and whats left at the bottem (the kief, or crystals) can be made into hash
    i hope i cleared things up for u
  8. thanks, i know about grinders and all that hehe,ive been smoking for a while.its just the finer aspects of hash i get confused about. i smoked dank.

    thanks anyway...and so if ur in uk pollen is an old school word...everyone has always used, the stuff that falls off buds, i get all of your points,,,just i would rather smoke the whole bud (instead of taking the kif out) nicer smoke each time....

    when i said it wud be useless afterwards,,i meant,,,oveer here,,,ppl shake large amounts and keep the pollen(kif) that falls off then sell it on,(the buds),,,and other ppl repeat the process untill it is basicly really shit buds.the grower shakes it first, and so on. but still sold as dank.understand why i would see taking your kif out as making it weaker???
  9. yea gotcha
    but still theres a lot of thc inside the bud
    i think u already no that
    but yea it would b kinda weaker

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