Kielbasa with peppers and onions

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by SkunkBunker, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390529045.490317.jpg git baked and had a sudden inspiration to cook a good meal

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  2. That looks so dank.. :yummy: 
    I'd put some diced potato in there though, It's crazy how awesome spuds n kielbasa are together..
    Damnnnn I keep looking back at it...Now i have to go make some food.... 
  3. Hahaa dankkk!!! Thats the perfect way to describe it man. Nothing makes a stoner happier than making food

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    Where did you get the Kielbasa?  It's made everywhere here in Pennsylvania...but the Polish people make the best stuff.  
    BTW....looks really good and the frying pan reminds me of my Granny's old pans. 
  5. Needs some rice or potato.

  6. i make various types of sausage like linguice, italian and blood sausage. Kielbasa is one of my favorites because it is so filling, and we have alot of it up here in Massachusetts. Good shit, very potent.

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    Your answer is wrong.

    It needs more kielbasa...

    ... And bacon.
  8. looks and sounds fuckin delicious. i haven't had kielbasa in a long ass time.
  9. I can get real Polish sausages from Polish delis here in England, sooo good :D
  10. Nothing like a good Kielbasi on a charcoal grill.  I'd like to try it English Style sometime.  
  11. I have Polish family so the way we tend to have it is cold on sourdough bread with Polish mustard  :yummy: 
    Have you ever tried bigos?
  12. Ummm, smoking more weed then eating it...other than that?.........
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    Ya got me on the bigos dude.....I'm Polish too but that wasn't something my family made.  I'm a mustard and horseradish guy too.  Nothing like a sniff of good horseradish to get the blood moving.  It's better than most drugs.  Enjoy!!
     Do zobaczenia później
  14. Not a fan of horseradish but we do make some awesome beer and vodka
    Na Zdrowie :D
  15. Being crunk. Even better than just high.

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