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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by b14z3d, May 31, 2006.

  1. wat do you all know about kief, i love it ive loved it for a long time, when i have large amounts sometimes QP's i try to sell it and people really dont know what it is and how great it is.. heres a pic of a rimmer i smoked a few minutes ago. sorry for the shitty pic camera phone :(

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  2. Nice pic, people smoke keif out here all the time it's great when you come up on a good batch especially some tasty Sour D keif that is always off the hook.
  3. i love keif to.

    and have loved keif ever since i first smoked it. i just ordered a keif press which should be coming in today. i will be taking some pics of the session and the pressed keif.

    i love taking a bunch of keif and mixing it in the bud i'm about to smoke.
  4. well the kief pictured is from some "purple erkle" from Humbolt.
  5. i really want to make a trip out to norcal in the next year.
  6. lol u definately would not be disappointed... they gots da chronic over there
  7. what do i know about kif?

    its good.

    its real good.

  8. im gunna post pics after i squish a qp of kief into a ball :)
  9. a qp of fucking kief? holy hell.
  10. u sure you dont mean kif FROM a QP?
  11. dude i cant take kief hits out of dry peices anymore, that hurts worse than vaporizing.
  12. wykid, i was thinking the same thing. a qp of keif would be a heavenly sight.

    scoob, i hear you on dry keif hits hurting really really bad. i take them in bongs now with ice and it's so much smoother.
  13. kief is amazing... I never smoked any aby itsself until one night last weed. It tasted so sweet!

    I usually just sprinkle a bit on top of my bowls, but I'm saving it up from now on.
  14. [​IMG]

    i love the kief!!! also, just got a new grinder (not the one showed). It's the space case of the line, but not the pollen presser thing.
  15. Kief is the atom bomb. I need to get a grinder though.
  16. lol yes a big ball of "purple erkle" kief. 100% kief its awesome, just the only downside is u dont get that high off weed anymore once u start smokin steady kief. but its worth it
  17. nice rep+ thats ill, i did mine the ghetto way
  18. It is worth it... till you run out of kif. I'm havin some out of the vape right now and its heavenly. :smoking::D
  19. ohh yea lemme tell ya nothin beats kief out of the volcano :)

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