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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FLYINGFATMAN, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. I'm a fairly big stoner, but I was reading about kief and I think i might make a kief box. But anyways is kief really worth making out of ure bud or should i just stick with my normal grinder?
  2. What's keif got to do with your grinder?
  3. I am just wondering if i should use kief or not. I normally use a grinder and grind all my weed before i smoke it. I heard that if u put some kief on top of ure bowl it will make it like 10x better.
  4. Kief is THC crystals that have shaken off the smoke itself, it can easily be molded together using tin foil and a screen just shake the bud and cash thorugh the screen for a bit till you get most of it then have it all in the tin foil, fold it up and put al ighter to it for a bit and then squis it together, it should form a bigger bit that you can smoke like an opium ball, the head rush is very enjoyable.
  5. And yes you should sprinke it on your bowl it will make it better, but smoking it pure is the best.
  6. thx a lot. I never would have thought to put the kief into tin foil than heat it so it becomes like an opium ball. That sounds like it will kick ass. Cant wait to try it!
  7. The head rush is probably from all those unhealthy tin foil chemicals you're inhaling. Plus it would taste like crap, I would never do it. But, do what you want:)
  8. i might makea kief box, my bro was just telling me about them... and i could make one in a few days.. just have to find the right screen, then after breaking all myweed up on that for a few months id prolly have a few large hits of pure kief.. i dunno.. more or less... ya know?

  9. you buy tin foil? cause i buy aluminum foil..
  10. yeh smoke a moulded bit of kief pure, you dont even need much as its so strong, first time i tried it i got very high of only a small bit. Luckily i can buy kief from my dealer for a very good deal, its basically like smoking very nice hash, but with a different kind of taste.
  11. Is the high very differnt?
  12. Like someone said it gives you a very good ! head high, it hits you fast, i just remember the first time i had it i was very high, and laughed a lot, for some reason it makes my nose tingle when i smoke it in a bong. Also it burns very quick and gives harsh hits unless its been compacted a lot like hash, its worth it though.

  13. Sorry, kinda means the same thing to me, cant really tell the difference by looking at it. But aluminum foil is still bad for you, hold it to a lighter for a few minutes or cook it. That will get the harmful chemicals out.

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