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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SourBlunt, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. When you use a grinder and collect the kief from the bottom what is the percentage of thc?

    Also I got to try wax for the first time the other night put it in a blunt wrap I could feel it after one hit. I heard it has 60% thc but not sure if thats true or if its more.
  2. it depends on your bud. just having a lot of kief in general is a really sweet thing

    imagine a fuckin blunt of 100% kief
  3. 93.87% of all statistics people post on internet forums are made up on the spot, the other 17.46% fudge the figures a, really, I looked it up...

    but, on topic of know what hash is made of don't ya...hash is 100% kief (and that's not made up)

  4. I had about 10 gas mask packs of kief, I was ripped.

  5. I wanna try the gas mask bong how much higher will it get me then a regular bong with some good weed?

    Is it really possible to fill a whole blunt with just kief

  6. It gets me pretty baked lol, not sure if it gets you higher than a regular bong hit. It might though considering all the smoke that you just inhaled through the gas mask is being breathed in over and over again until it escapes the mask... and yes, it is possible to fill a whole blunt with just kief :smoke:
  7. So to awnser the op‘s question... weed has trichromes, little glands of resin on the weed that contains the thc. The plant material itself doesnt actually contain thc. So kief is just the collection of these resin glands. Therfore kief simply has the same percentage of thc as the weed, the only difference is the absence of all the plant material. Thats why hash gets u higher, its like smoking 3x the normal ammount of weed at once.

    As to the question of wax, or hash oil, cant remember what u said. Ethier way its just a bho concentrate. As in its hash extracted using a butane method. So it is kinda like gathering keif, as in you get all the active thc and other ingredients minus the plant material. Only diff is that its just more effiecent which means less plant material then even kief.
  8. Kief is made up of the Trichomes on the bud. When you smoke regular bud what makes you high is the THC in the Trichomes mixed with the plant material. When you smoke Kief this is in a more concentrated form. I believe it is somewhere around twice as strong this way but that may be incorrect.

    Smoking straight Kief is a little difficult. I like to mix it in with a bowl.

    If you save your stems until you get a quantity you can easily make some Kief with the Dry Ice method (search for it). This method lends it'self easily to small quantities of trim as you can use a small amount of DI and a small can.

    Enjoy :smoke:
  9. we should be more clear about "hash" here or all the new smokers will be running out to buy it!! im assuming that when u say hash ur talking about the black squidgy kind like moroccan black and not soapbar? there is absoloutley no way whatsoever that soapbar hash gets u 3x more high than weed, even bad weed is better than soapbar

  10. I quote this from Wikipedia cause I'm to blazed to say it better:

    "Hashish, often known as "hash", is a cannabis preparation composed of compressed and/or purified preparations of stalked resin glands, called trichomes, collected from the unfertilized buds of the cannabis plant. It contains the same active ingredients-such as THC and other cannabinoids-but in higher concentrations than unsifted buds or leaves. "

    There are LOTS of types of hash. Some of the most common would be Bubble Hash, Wax Hash, several variations of those two. The term "Hash" could probably be applied to dozens if not hundreds of substances.
  11. Im pretty sure i read a statistic that the better quality of screen will give you a better % of THC, with an avg buster i think the kief is like 60-80%?
  12. All the marijuana and marijuana by-products I have right now are sitting in my magic flight. And that's half a trench of Kief. So hopefully kief is 175% thc by volume. I neeeed a new grinder. Lol. I guess I'll grab one next weekend after I move to college. Gas station grinders with the screen removed only gather so much pollen I guess.

    I guess I also have a little more than a g of abv, but I'm saving that for an edible on Saturday morning. Might just make it tomorrow and go pick up on Saturday.

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