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kief + tobacco joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by nuvio, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. im out of buds but i got some kief build up from my grinder i was wondering if i will get high if i mix tobacco in? or what?
  2. yes it seems that hypothetically speaking you willl be super high cuz why not ya no?
  3. kief + tobacco joint = not idea but 1000 steps above smoking resin.

    Roll it up and get high! You earned it not smoking that kief already.
  4. awesome thanks guys =)
  5. Don't worry you will get high..
    Hash is always rolled with tobacco, since it's really hard just to smoke hash by itself..
    Just make sure to not waste or drop the crystals while you're putting them and make sure to avoid contact with your hand since it rubs on your hands..
  6. that's such a standard in england man, when i'm out of bud, open up the grinder, find the pile of kief, sorted, it gives a really different high and tastes kinda spicy but works real well
  7. Yeah. Its like a spliff.

    Its kief. Youll get high. BUT not like UBER OMG. Im so high. Hey guys im going to piss in the potato salad. high.
  8. just smoked it. feelin pretty high actually. like head high. and yeah it tasted a little bit like weed but the smoke smelt like tobacco so i smoked it in my house worry free. this is actually pretty awesome.

    i was debating earlier to make fire crackers with it but this use of kief is a nice substitute until i get some tomorrow. :D
  9. You made a good choice my friend. Kief firecrackers... ugh glad you made this post and didn't.
  10. those often get me higher than a regular joint
  11. yeah Jflutts, this got me really fucking high. i think its one of my highest highs well like a high that i would have to smoke 2 bowls and a jay to get.

    and the awesome part is that i could smoke it through a spliff so i smoked in doors , in my home instead of outside in the cold.

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