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  1. Hello i was wondering what would be the best method of making shatter out of an ounce of kief ? There is little information on how or what amounts of solvents should be used per amount of kief how it should be done and what solvent would be ideal? I would use shake or trim but i can get nice AAA indoor kief for 125 a ounce but i dont like smoking kief and would rather make some oil or shatter and save alot of money in the long run if anyones got any ideas it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. You can soak it in everclear, strain out the solids then evaporate off the alcohol. I use a silicone tray for the evap, makes clean up easy.

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  3. What could i use in place of everclear im in canada and its hard to get. And what kind of returns would i expect off kief?
  4. Use the highest proof vodka you can find.
    Approx 10-15% return so approx 3 grams???
  5. You can use Iso alcohol. The concern over health issues and iso are exaggerated beyond reason.
    Plus the cost/availability of iso vs. ethanol is a no-brainer. Just find the highest percentage you can-
    the Heet fuel product is like 99% I believe.
    People need to to read and learn more- there is so much disinformation that nobody checks! Google this shit people!
  6. First, don't expect true shatter your first run, expect more of a crumble, or waxy shatter, which is perfectly fine.

    Second, look up cannabis tinctures, winterizing, and double-boiler if you aren't familiar with the concept.

    If I were doing this, I'd do something around 560ml of Everclear per ounce (~20ml/1g ratio) I'd use 95%+ Everclear. You can go the ISO route too, but, I don't. You can order Everclear online, though it's not super cheap. However, I can buy a bottle where I live for around the same price as 99% ISO.

    I'd make a tincture, then once I did this, I would strain using simple coffee filters, though there are much better routes to take, they cost more money. After I cleaned up the tincture, I'd pop it in the freezer and winterize it.

    After a couple days, I'd pull it out, strain it, and repeat at least once.

    After that, I'd set up a double boiler and reduce the tincture until I were satisfied.

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