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Kief Tincture - 34.7g to 355ml

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Jaysee, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I recently was given two large garbage bags of trimmings. I have been for awhile just making budder with the trim by kiefing some of trim and discarding the kiefed trim. Then adding in several ounces of unkiefed trim and cooking it forever in my crock pot.

    I had the patience enough one night to harvest an entire oz of kief. I decided that I would make cannibis tincture with the oz of kief. I ended up kiefing around another 1/8thoz and adding it to the mason jar making the total 34.7g of kief, I then added in 355ml of Everclear.

    The mixture has been sitting in my freezer for the past two days and I have been vigorously shaking the mixture every few hours for 3-10 minutes.

    I have been reading that most people who have success with tincture pre-heated the trim or bud to decarboxlize it. I skipped that step with my Kief, when I made the mixture I was under the assumption that just kief didn't need this step.

    The mixture is light brown to green and opaque, smells heavily floral, also I think sour (my girl didn't agree with that)

    Should I bother heating the mixture up at all before straining later this week?

    I will update this thread with pictures and my results.



    Ps. I can add trim or even more kief to the current mixture. (Sorry for length)
  2. I usually let mine sit for months before use, when heat isn't applied.

    So if you plan on using it soon, and if you want it to have any great effect, some heating may be in order. Otherwise keep going as you are, and by the holidays you'll have something nice and potent.

    Don't be impatient, and be gentle with the heat if you go that way.. you will get a lot more out of it if you don't rush things, and if you don't go using it long before it's ready :) Good luck!
  3. Hi BadKittySmiles, thank you for your personal advice!! I will take it into consideration.

    If anyone was curious I was loosely following this "Cold Method with Ethanol" located here: AAMC: Time for Tincture By:Jay R. Cavanaugh, Ph.D.
    AAMC, National Director

    I followed his Black Out Butter recipe ratio (10oz trim to 2.5lbs butter). The butter works very well I put some on my BBQ Chicken Pizza last night from Papa Murphys before I cooked it and was asleep in less than 2 hours.

    In that guide he says two to three days (With the cold, he says 60+ warm). I also read somewhere that letting the mixture sit for excessive amounts of time (more than 5 days) will cause the terpene and other unsavory oils/chlorophyll in the material to seep into the tincture degrading some of the purity.

    I guess I might as well try some once I get my bottling equipment to see if the mixture is worthy of bottling as is.
  4. With freezing, I've never had quite the effect that you get with either heat or a longer duration of processing time.

    Whenever I've gone the freezer route, I've found that more often than not, I'm still left waiting around nearly just as long for it to finish up to my usual 'standards' anyway :)
  5. This is only true with impure hash, or when directly using leaf, or buds.

    If your kief is fairly pure, which would be the ideal for a tincture, then you shouldn't need to worry about additional stray plant materials quite so much. When using leaf or buds, several processing sessions with fresh plant matter are usually necessary, over a short period of time, in order to achieve the same level of potency/concentration, due to the fact you must halt processing the plant matter itself long before the full extraction takes place (otherwise, as you said, you end up tainting your tincture with undesirable plant materials).

    Once you remove the excess plant material from your tincture, the potent material left behind still needs time to become readily available in (and as) your concentrate. It can 'keep' anywhere from months, up to several years this way.
  6. Update: I put the mixture on low in a water bath in my crock pot for 4 or so hours. The mixture lost about 1-1 1/2 inches of liquid.

    Some of my bottling equipment should arrive today (Usually in 30 minutes) so I will post back with my initial test run before deciding to bottle or not.
  7. Did you use a lid, and a candy thermometer or otherwise monitor the temperature?
    That sounds like a substantial loss of liquid.

    Keep in mind, extracts made with alcohol will still work in vaporizers and sometimes when vaping the potency is 'gone' before the liquid itself, meaning the essence you're trying to extract can and will easily boil off... unfortunately, when you notice a large loss in liquid in such a short period of time, that's often the case.
    Certain amounts of cannabinoids will remain, but a more devastating extract could have been achieved otherwise, depending on the degree of loss.

    For instance I usually make half gallons at a time, or about five times as much, and in my crock pot I will see less than a quarter inch difference from start, to open-bottling... and I sometimes gently crock for -weeks- at a time.
    It's one of my personal guidelines to processing a highly concentrated extract, with minimal loss; even when I'm making a relatively quick batch over the course of a day, I still never want to rush it and see more than a hint of evaporation.

    Unless you don't mind a great deal of loss, the only time you do want a large amount of evaporation to occur, is either in a controlled environment or over a very long period of time, in which case heat likely wasn't applied, and the essence remains almost if not entirely intact within the remaining liquid.

    Either way though, with the amount you used even with a little loss, you should still be in for a nice strong ride once it's finished :) Enjoy yourself!
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  9. I left the lid off, I made sure the water didn't boil same with the ethanol. I started out at warm for 3 hours then switched to low for 6 ish. Agitated it and put it in the freezer over night. At a closer look (w/ ruler) its nearly 1/2 to 3/4 of a inch in loss.

    My old roommate stopped by and volunteered to take a drop (Sublingually) this is before I began the heating process. He said he was stoned for an unusual amount of time very comfortable and mild.

    The mixture looks gold/yellow in a spoon and if evaporated leaves a honey oil like resin behind.

    I was worried about not decarbing the trim I kiefed but I realized since the trim itself is several months old and bone dry that it has largely decarbed itself.
  10. Sounds like it worked out well for you! I'm sure it's strong.. I love a good extract :)
  11. I just had some about 15 minutes ago, having a hard time typing a thought out reply. I feel really ripped, I can get a non-daily smoker with no tolerance to come try it out in a little bit that will be the true test.

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