kief rillo

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  1. nothing special, just a rillo of some no name dank and some strawberry kush with an exceptional amount of kief on top

    thought someone might enjoy

  2. As much as I LOVE my blunts, as as BEAUTIFUL that looks, throw that kief in a bong man!!!!!!
  3. Honestly, it looks beautiful, but like a horrible waste. Get a bong, that's what mids are for.
  4. i hope you have a lot of that dank man, dank is for bongs. Save that shit.

    but if you have a lot of bud or a lot of cash, Blunt away :smoke:
  5. Quit hatin on rillo's man. I can smoke my dank how i want.
  6. I agree. There's nothin like a dank rillo high. Especially one with that much kief. I actually got to sit in on this rillo. Got me zooted as fuck. We have a bong. And we use that too. Just like the occasional rillo.
  7. dro rillo ftw
    bet whoever smoke that was high as fuck:smoke:
  8. lol this fools tryna get blazeddddd.

    LK approves of this thread.
  9. I'm all for tossing headies in to blunts but keife isn't good for them, you're better off topping off bowl packs with it. Enjoy, I love seeing that light green all ready to go in the blunt.
  10. Fuck yeah dude i roll blunts with dank frequently. and that one looks extra tastey. Smoke ur bud however you want man, these guys are just jelous.haha :devious:
  11. trust me guys, i'm well aware of the benefits of smoking kief out of a bong, and besides, it's a renewable resource :smoke:
  12. enjoy it while you can sir. do as you want.

    personally, i love blunts of dank. my friends and i have "turd Wednesday" and the 3 of us throw in on a 8th blunt of dank and get fried. if you can afford it why not right;)
  13. haha and another one of some dankkkkk

  14. sick blunts, lovin the kief, i too prefer to save up kief for the bong but would to hit a blunt like that
  15. +Rep,Good Shit Smoking Mari In Any Method Will Get You Hii Regardless
  16. everybody smokes dank out of glass, its always good to switch it up with a nice ass dank blunt. very nice.
  17. Well I thought it was a solid blunt O kief, so then I was dissappointed
    Then I was like yeah but he rolled it, but it wasnt so I was dissappointed

    then I saw weed on the screen and said I should smoke, then I looked into my EMPTY jar

    So good looking weed man I wish I had some
  18. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to be in on that. But i would have personally put most of that kief in a bong bowl. +rep cus I love me a kush blunt.
  19. Dank Blunts to the face everyday! FTW

    re-newable source, lol... i have one of those too, its my grow room. blunts then become even more enjoyable because your enjoying the fruits of your labor :hello:

    good lookin shit man keep it up

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