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Kief (...on oregano)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GK420, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. So I haven't been stoned in ages 'cause my dealer left school and the only other one I know isn't responding; I obviously haven't had much luck finding a new dealer though. Anyway, I'm at band practice on Saturday when my friend/bassist pulls out a grinder and asks if I want it because she didn't, and I said no at first 'cause I already have a grinder and then she offered it to the drummer but he doesn't even smoke lol. I think I remember her dropping it and the lid thing falling off which reminded me to check if it had any kief at the bottom of it so I did and hellz yeah I took the grinder. Anyway, I just smoked this kief ontop of a very small amount of oregano 'cause I have no bud or tobacco, and I'm stoned as shit off hardly any of it (although I have a n00b tolerance) I have absolutely no idea how long ago this was (an hour or 5 minutes, I can't tell) and yeah. This was extremely hard to write and I can't even think straight, I just wanna listen to music. Shit I haven't been this high in ages :D sorry if this was boring or made no sense btw.
  2. you dont have to use oregano. press it between two smooth, hard surfaces. you can make a disk shape doing this and load it into the bowl with a screen
  3. [quote name='"Steadybakin420"']you dont have to use oregano. press it between two smooth, hard surfaces. you can make a disk shape doing this and load it into the bowl with a screen[/quote]

    ^this... Why would you want to inhale combusted oregano?
    I recommend a screen personally with/without pressing.
  4. If I was you I'd just rip a corner of a paper, roll it into a ball big enough to cover the hole and load the kief.
  5. I call bs because you say the "drummer doesn't even smoke." Naw just kidding. I'm guessing that smoking a tiny bit of oregano would be better for you than tobacco! Well smoked chap.
  6. Yeah well at the time my main concern was getting high, not so much my lungs lol. Hopefully I won't have to do it again though.
  7. i'd rather smoke oregano then tobacco tbh..

  8. lol yeah maybe he'll try it at our xmas party thing.
  9. He smokes. He's just lying.. and I can't believe you really smoked oregano. Next time compress it into a ball or flat disc and smoke it
  10. in Soviet Russia Oregano smoke you !
  11. your band probably sucks, you should just break up so you don't embarrass yourself.

    But you need to just roast the kief, no oregano. save the oregano and sell it to some middle schoolers and make a profit

  12. Don't worry, we enjoy hurting people's ears.
  13. Rizla, Tobacco, sprinkle in, roll.....
    Anti Tobacco brigade here yet? :bolt: :)

  14. Yeah I think I would've done that if I actually had any tobacco lol.

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