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Kief in Tea Bags

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TruthBuzz, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Hello all :hello:

    Recently, I purchased some pomegranate passion tea bags with kief in them.

    After drinking two cups, I must say that the high is nothing like smoking a bowl but more of a mild almost non existent high. However, it made concentrating and thinking smoother and in my opinion, sharper.

    They are pricey though...

    Thus, if any of you can offer advice on how to make your own tea with kief that would be awesome.

    I have a grinder with about a gram of kief in it and was wondering if it was as simple as just putting a little bit into a pitcher of hot tea :smoke:
  2. As far as ive been told, if you used water for that tea you most likely got little to no thc :eek:

  3. True.

    OP, use milk for the liquid and add some honey too. When you heat it up and add the kief, it will dissolve/absorb it. Make it "edible" so to say.
  4. Lol you didn't feel anything cause thc isn't water soluble , you gotta add milk and other stuff look in edibles I'm sure there's a recipe there
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    Thank you all for your advice. I will try it out with milk right now.

    If what you say is true about me not getting any thc in myself, then i guess i have a very strong placebo affect....

    EDIT: I think whats strange is that tea is normally not combined with milk which threw me off. The budtender told me to use water =[
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    Water has a very low THC absorption (less than .1% of the THC gets absorbed, which is why it is used in bongs.), I don't know why he would tell you to just use water that's retarded.

    Edit: Also THC loves loves LOVES to stick to lipids and fats, which is why I recommended honey and milk (I guess the honey just to make it taste better :smoke:).
  7. @yosh139

    Yah he was going on about boiling it all in one pot and just store it or something. What sucks even more was that I looked in my fridge and I dont have milk. Cruel world!

    Is milk w/ honey the only reasonable option when it comes to 'drinking' kief?
  8. No you can use oils and stuff like i said look in edible section of forum they have lots of recipes
  9. Although the OP didnt use any fat in it. Im sure the budtender told him to use water because they had already done something to activate the thc in the tea bag prior to purchase, that would make more sense than them selling tea that doesnt even medicate. But just to be sure make it with milk next time bro, I dont take no chances :smoke:
  10. ya you can add anything with high fat content OP, look around you must have something.
  11. when i make weed tea i let milk, water, butter, peanut butter, honey, oil, tea bags and ice cream (ice cream at the end) and let it sit stirring it for ages and its got enough fat and tastes awesome. Gets you stoned nicely aswell, usually do it with 5g of vaped bud

  12. I don't feel comfortable mixing that much ingredients together because i fear i will get a stomach ache.
  13. Alright so today I went back to my dispensary and I talked to the bud tender who sold me the tea bags.

    He said he uses water too and that it still works. I told him about milk and just fatty ingredients in general and he said you could do that too along with water.

    Do you think this bud tender knows what hes talking about because someone here said that "less than .1% of the THC gets absorbed" when mixed with water.
  14. Well either you're doing something wrong or he's full of shit. THC is without a doubt not water-soluble(well... Like 0.1%) so he sucks at his job. Maybe you should ask what the effects of the tea are supposed to be? It's possible that the tea isn't meant to get you stoned, but instead provide a practically un-noticeable buzz. Only thing I can think of. Definitely try with milk though. Like some 2%.
  15. You would have to ask him what is in the tea bags man...If the weed is already mixed with fat, or it is decarbed prior to being put in, than just water would work. If ths is not the case than no, your bud tender does not know what he is talking about and water would do nothing and you would be ingesting absolutely no active ingredients.
  16. @claytonb11

    Im not sure if it is decarbed because the ingredients only say kief and also I didn't ask.

    I dont think you can decarb kief since the crystals are too small. It'll evaporate way too quickly before consumption?

    Anyways, I have one more teabag so i'll try it out with milk as soon as I can get my hands on a carton.

    I'll post results of water vs milk (in terms of what got me higher) whenever I get the chance.

  17. I look forward to the results :hello: :D
  18. Ya I dont know if you can either, but you would think they activated it somehow, but if you felt nothing with hot water than the guy is clearly not qualified to work at a dispensary at all, he shouldnt even have a job, he should be able to help the patients and he clearly is not one bit. Make it with milk and you will be much happier with the result either way

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