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Kief hash and baking with leftovers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rizzleB, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. So my friends and I were talking about picking a half ounce of some GNARLY blue dream. Shit is fucking DANK! We wanted to kief all of it in a kief box, press it into hash, then use the kiefed bud for baking.

    The hash will be quality, but I'm skeptical if a batch of cookies will be decent if we are using the waste. Is it more cost effective to just leave it alone and smoke the shit like normal?
  2. its always more cost effective to smoke it.

    you gotta eat way more to get high

    unless this is a special occasion and you want some edibles

  3. I do not approve of a kief box, just sounds so wrong.

    If I had a top shelf ounce of bluedream/whiterhino/OG#18 ect.. I Would not throw it in a kief box, and shake all the bud around, breaking off all the THC that would get you high smoking up and make the bud less impressive/dry/shaky.

    Just to get a hash "nug" from compression to make edibles.

    If I wanted an edible, I would find a tube/vector butane/and get a half Oz and get some strong oil/hash from it. Then have another Half Oz of Bluedream in good quality as is and smoke it/mix it with oil ect..

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