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  1. I couldn't think of a fitting title- yuk! But this one is fitting. I'm not feeling terribly diplomatic & thought some of you GCers may have some valuable things to say.

    Here's the relationship- a half sister & her kids stayng with dad & his wife. I'm not close to the sister- but I don't wish to totally estrange them all if I can help it. B/T/W they are all REALLY 'religeous'. Not like they just go to church- they are fanatics, maniacal almost.

    Ok- the sisters old man left her several months back. She's hiding out in my state (she's from elsewhere) trying to make her dh lose his parential rights. Whatever.... We have property very remote that we go to get away for vacation. She is staying with the folks at their remote property nearby. But, While I was at my place her kids showed up unattended EVERY DAY for 3 weeks. She wanted to nap & had to take care of her baby (he's 2). I told her I wasn't into it- I told them to leave. The children refused, said I couldn't do anything about it, etc. They are disrespectful & rude. On a daily basis- they show up & yap about what the fam had said about us, they would direct my kids to act up, they were trying to 'save' the kids & would tell them not to tell us. They beleive in demons & other ridiculous stuff. Anyhow, alot happened- it was constant. BUT, they are children (8 & 10).

    Fast Forward FINALLY- sorry. We are going back to our property soon. The sister says she's going too- oh yay! I want NO part of it. I want my vacation & don't want my kids t play & be subject to such wacko ideas. Is there way to deal with this without sounding so critial & causing a major rift? I'm so close to the situation that I just feel angry. I respect their position & values and just wish they'd reciprocate- but they don't! Any ideas are appreciated.
  2. Just thinking about being in your situation piss's me off, I HATE religious nuts who impose their ideas on others.

    When dealing with fanatical people you have to realize that with them, things are black and white. It's their way or you're flat out wrong, no middle ground for compromising and no hope for improving the situation. They're taught to be like this, unwavering faith and what not, anyone who questions it is a sinner. You don't have many options here, sounds like if these kids keep influencing yours they're going to start warping their image of you and cause you long term problems, and all the while be a giant nuisance to yourself.

    Give them an ultimatum, keep their nose out of your family's business and beliefs or you'll cut them off. You can put it subtly or flat out tell them what I just said. Just make sure you get your point across, and realize the request you're making is in no way unreasonable, they are the unreasonable nuts that you had the bad luck to be family with.
  3. They are just trying to save you from burning for eternity in hell.
  4. Life, in a variety of wacky and insidious ways, often has a very twisted and ironic sense of humor.

    You see, you and your half sister were both obviously raised very differently. That being, you were apparently raised to take things at face-value and your half sis was raised to be religious. Now, you see her ways as rediculous and narrow-minded and I'd bet anything she sees your views as unethical and narrow-minded.

    Be the better person and ignore her views. Don't ignore them and be cold towards her, rather, ignore your own capricious hatred of different braingroups and beliefs. Be the open mind. Accept that others think differently. It is simply a part of life.

    You don't need to agree with her. You don't need to agree with everything. But everything exists, all you have to do is silently acknowledge it.

    Trust me, her banter or whatnot about demons and the like will probably have very little effect on your own kids if you raise them accordingly.

    I wouldn't give it much thought.
  5. Paint a inverted pentagram out of blood on your door. A goat head hanging will help look more authentic also.

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