Kids really likes a show I can't find, please help!

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  1. My son and daughter really enjoy a nickJR show called Team Umizoomi and I can't find it anywhere to stream or download and am looking for help.

    I can get them off itunes but I do not like Apple or anything affiliated with it so avoiding that at all possible.

    I'd be happy with web stream that are only a few minutes long but nothing on youtube, the nickjr site has next to nothing and I can't find any torrents(not that I'd do that =P ).

    If anyone can find a webstream of it I would just screen capture it so if anyone knows anything or can point me in a direction I'd appreciate and know that you've made a 4 and 1 year olds week.
    It will be on a torrent somewhere
  3. Not sure if this helps, but do you happen to have Comcast on demand? I think I remember seeing a few episodes on there, so you may want to check. Other than that, you can try recording some episodes yourself if they're too hard to track down elsewhere.
  4. You can buy episodes on for $1.99 an episode if you want... Couldn't really find any free streams for it.
  5. read a book.
  6. - has nothing. I've looked.

    I don't have cable anywhere because we didn't like cable and just got sick of paying for it, honestly Umizoomi is the only thing we really miss that we can't get streamed. I did record some off tv though. I played it on a relatives DVR and recorded it with my camera. Better than nothing.

    I am curious if anyone has bought a video off itunes? Thats the only option I see so far which I hate. Can you download it to your personal computer, are they DMCA protected? Can you play them on a PS3?

    Reading a book.... Kids are to young and I read to them at night and this show is actually educational unlike other crappy kid shows.

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