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kids, listen

Discussion in 'General' started by d2000, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. people. we are so cool. but like we are recycled, cos everything we talk about is weed. so whenever someone repeats some topic that already was addressed, they're essentially doing on a smaller scale what we as a whole do on the mega-scale, which is vary hard to notice moving.

    my thoughts.
  2. And now post your point to this thread...

    What can we do?
  3. we can't do anything. thats the beauty. we're all united in our one common love, marijuana. we should show more love towards the forum-challenged.

    my thoughts

  4. What do you mean by "forum-challeneged"? Like, the people who don't use the forums and therefore probably don't smoke weed, so we should show them more love becase they don't smoke? Or the challenged people that actually use the forum but post stupid shit?
  5. the stupid shit posters.
  6. am i the stupid shit poster? lol sorry i was confused becasue your whole thread was stupid shit offense.
  7. take it easy guys throw some of that love this way.

    was high as hell.

  8. yeah, told, you've never had a stupid post. ;)
    I need more stupid posts, so I'll make this one.

  9. aint no post a stupid post, kids. I JUST took 2 caps and a bunch of stems. 2nd trip ever. got some floyd and grand theft auto3. yessssssss.

  10. What he said. :)
  11. What? when did i change my point of view?
  12. man, i admit it. My posts are are up there with the stupidest of the stupidest. But don't hate me. Spread the love.
  13. there you go skeevy, thats the shit. the forums should be for fun man. if you want to post stupid post it. if you dont like it, dont respond to it, ya dig? i love life that what its all about. weed and life. it is the nicest night in jersey tonight. the campus is poppin kids are playin volleyball. i just woke up from a nap too. gettin some haze tonight. I LOVE LIFE.

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