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Kiddies TV still tripping!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Apr 15, 2003.


Which do you prefer?

  1. Drug inspired

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  2. Sexual Inspired

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  3. Political agenda

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  4. I dont watch television meant for children... and never have... not even as a child. i was never a

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  1. Have any of u noticed how some childrens TV programs are so obviously made by someone who's had a share of drug culture...?

    I've just seen this new one called Boobah. It's a tiny bit like teletubies, but sooooo much more trippy. i wish i was stoned when i was watching that. and then it was followed up by my new favourite kiddies program... "Tiny Planets" staring two little fuzzy white (chrystally) creatures called Bing & Bong (no joke) who explore space from their couch! ...not only that but its the ultimate stoner couch that provides all your needs including munchies! The whole programe is awash with deap stoner philosphy of peace, love, munchies and expanded horizons. ;)

    I'm so glad that there are new drug inspired childrens TV shows being made. both boobah and tiny planets are shown on cITV, so u can check out their stuff on , i asume... i havnt actually looked on there.

    since the three old kings of drug inspired kiddies TV (Bagpuss, The Magic Roundabout and The Clangers) i thought things had been running a little dry. hat's of to the creators of tiny planets for getting that past the censors.

    Digit's theory on Childrens TV

    There are only three types of childrens TV.

    1. Drug inspired.
    This type includes all our favourites. :D
    examples: Bagpuss, The Magic Roundabout and The Clangers, Jamie and his Magic Torch, Tiny Plannets, Boobah (holy crap that was crazy... what a trip), Trap Door

    2. Sexual inspired.
    This type has produced some rather strange extremes.
    Examples: Captain Pugwash... no more examples required.

    3. Political agenda.
    Propaganda or education for children. Despite the worry of corrupting our youths minds with secret messeges this type has actually produced some high quality programming.
    Examples: ... Tots TV, How2, any educational tv programe, that crazy hedgehog and horse in the mist thing, and uh... well... there's loads of them. you could basically lump any show in here that doesnt fall under the other two categories.

    Which category would "He-Man" fall under?
    I've had many debates about this, and i can honestly say that there is a good argument for every categoy.
  2. i like the drug induced tv shows, not living where you are i have never seen any of those shows, except he-man. i don't really watch tv anymore, so i have no idea what the children of today are being subjected to.
  3. hey didgit are those shows from acrooss the pond because i have never heard of any of them , though they sound pretty dank
  4. yeah, these mainly UK tv shows....

    i was hoping to hear about tv shows from other countries, to see if people could apply my theory to kids tv elsewhere.
  5. yeah, these are all english shows

    magic roundabout (from the 60s) has a character called Dylan, who is blatantly stoned cos he has red eye and droopy eyelids. and he's always like "yeahhh mann"
    one time he was sitting under a tree and the narrator said something like "Dylan's found some mushrooms... wow.. Dylan's dreaming..."


    Captain Pugwash was dirty as hell. Simply because of the names of the characters; Master Bates, Roger the Cabinboy, Seaman Stanes.


    you don't get shit like that in the US i take it??

    EDIT----- Don't forget Button Moon, Digit!!!

    I think He-Man is just a classic example of the 80s Sci-Fi cartoon genre thingy.
    Others include Transformers, Thundercats, Go-Bots, Ulysses... hmm... maybe some more.

    Don't you think it's amazing how in a world of spaceships, laser guns and aliens... Castle Greyskull lacks central heating.
  6. hey digit, sounds like you got some pretty dope 'toons on tha otha side of the pond, i stopped watching cartoons cause all the new ones on suck ass, seriously hard! New skool tunes are gettin too freakin weird, and just plain dumb. Ya know it's bad when you get stoned, flip on some cartoons, and be "Uhh, i don't get it?"

    I mean they usedta be funny back in the day and din't require you to pay attention to laugh. It pisses me off when i see shows where all the toons have cellfones n crap and there's some long storyline. I don't wanna see that crap, and i believe it's a scam to program kids' minds to be "good consumers" by showing them from an early age that "everyone" has a cellfone and are mad capitalists.

    Ya know what's thew shizzle tho?

    Coyote and Roadrunner!!!

    meep meep!!!

    There's nothing more entertaining IMO than a crazy ass coyote toon with rollerskates, an acme rocket, and a big hill with a train tunnel at the end haha!!!

  7. Yeah, all the classic WB cartoons are wicked. The only trippy cartoons from the US I can think of are Ren and Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life.

    Good shows :)
  8. actually magic roundabout isnt english..... it was made by a frenchman. and then in the translation the french got really pissed off when they thought that the english were taking the piss when they named the dog 'dougal'... they thought it sounded too much like de Gaul. hehe ... and the guy who translated it didnt speak a word of french so just made up some stuff to go along with it.

    but yeah... that was my fave episode of magic roundabout... I only saw it for the first time after i had tried magic mushrooms... words cannot explain my suprise and joy upon seeing that craziness.

    hehe, i just thought of a funny poll... who was more stoned, Bagpuss or Dylan from Magic Roundabout? :D


    Zebidy (i think that was his name) had taken way too much speed in a few episodes.... the dog took everything :p

    ah yes... button moon. faint memories of that one... there hasnt been enough re-runs of that

    d9thc, have u seen tiny planets? check it out if u havnt....

    lol.... i just tried that link i gave before... woops!
    try it loads something... :/
  9. rocko's is american!? for some reason i thought it was aussie.

    yeahtoosicks... u just reminded me of the ultimate in Political agenda kids TV.... Pokemon. how about that for progamming kids.

    no zia... for real....

    its amazing what u can get past the censors when they asleep. lol
  10. yeah, i heard somewhere that Magic Roundabout was french.

    there was a documentary about it a while ago.
  11. i love drug inspired anything, i was surfing the channels with my friends,

    i saw get high-speed internet connection
    anything catch your eye GET HIGH-speed internet connection. trav was getting all excited and talking about a conspiracy
  12. I went to look up the Pugwash thing and found this:

    all my hopes were dashed :( alas, there is no master bates on Pugwash's ship.

    they do have a video and audio clip on the site though, which is pretty cool :)

    I've always been disapointed in american children's tv, it's usually far too utilitarian rather than interesting or imaginative. the closest mr. rodgers came to tripping was the time he accidentally ate some of that damn fish food

    1/2000th scale trollies are a little trippy though

    oh, and coincidentally the first time I saw teletubbies was the second time I got high, it was the 'po's having a blowy day episode'. that's gotta count for at least a little sexual indocrinazation on the part of the tubbies
  13. i dont really get the question, so i just picked drug inspired.....dunno!
  14. dude what about scoobie doo? you knwo some stoners made that shit, dogs talk, dog and pothead always eatin, have a hippy van and solve bullshit mysteries aroudn the country wirth ghosts in there hippy van....i wish iw as scooby or shaggy

    Shaggy is my hero.

    iv seen such things like that before about pugwash.. but having seen two episodes i still claim they trying to be smutty. There's no way in hell that they can mispronounce all the names all the time...

    Teletubbies is like HE-Man... it has aspects of all three categories.... i still think its more trippy than anything else.
  16. yeah i laughed my ass of at bing and bong. mosted likely cos i was stoned but its still funny :D
  17. usually I like drug-influenced cartoons better than other ones, but one of my favorite cartoons is politically influenced....Rocky and Bullwinkle. I never noticed the US and anti-Soviet Union propaganda when I was little, but I like getting baked and laughing about it now
  18. I always thought they were spoofing the classic soviet stereotype with boris 'n natasha. rocky and bullwinkle usually leaned towards satire, kind of like firesign theatre or national lampoon but on a child's level

    in any case there ain't nothing better than a good fractured fairytale
  19. can anyone remember that christian one?... about a boy and a dog i think...

    davey and goliath...

    i think.

    someone should taken a big fat J and stuck it in the gob of the creator of that load of bull, then told him... "go read you're bible when toking on that u fool!"

    theres one here in scotland called "Nessie" or "the McNessies" or something like that... fairly obvious agenda there.
  20. dont forget H.R. PUFnstuf..... :D sid & marty krofft... thats some fucked up shizzle..... drug inspired for sure...

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