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Discussion in 'General' started by Mortikai, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Just saw something on the Daily Show about this new CBS series "Kid Nation." I haven't actually gotten to see the show myself yet, but apparently its supposed to be a show about a city populated entirely by kids? And its a reality show, i think its supposed to have like this whole "Survivor" aspect to it or something....

    Anyone catch it last night when I'm pretty sure it first aired? How's it look? Looked pretty exploitive from what they showed on the Daily Show..cuz these aren't like 15-18 year olds..they looked to be around like 10 or something
  2. I saw something like that on CNN a while back.. looks fairly pathetic, if you ask me.
  3. Reality tv is staged. They're actors.
  4. Good point. I don't watch reality tv for exactly that reason, just seems so damn stupid. Guess I didn't think that they could hire child actors just as easily.
  5. not really a nation when you got camera crews medics and assorted other 'crew' stalking every bush lol

    haven't seen it yet but if it was truely like say man vs. wild without the camera crew so they were all on their own I'd totally watch

    I know back then I wasn't on my game across the board (lol prolly never will be) but I was pretty quick on the uptake

    toss enough smart tweens on some island with no food 'n w/e with cams all around and watch lord of the flies reality tour happen lol
  6. yeah i saw a preview for that. their all working in stores and arguing about government and shit. in reality theyd be hunting food and freezing to death. looks way fake to me.
  7. Jailbait Nation
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  8. Yeh I watched a bit of it at this girls house the other night. It seems kinda crazy, one kid was like 8 years old. WHO in the HELL lets their 8 year old kid do shit like that?
  9. someone who isn't a total control freak?

    honestly the level of over parenting hasn't made better people

    all these anal parents fearing chester the molester have created a bunch of self centered evil lil fuckers who somehow can't grasp that homeless folks 'n assorted people down on their luck are human too

    all the youtubing happy slapping douchebag kids are the product of such shit cuz back in my 80's gen childhood tv shows were straight forward (including sat. morning cartoons) with respect to life 'n death

    hell I recall the show bravestar actually having a kid OD off something similiar to speed on top of having a rough but honest ass kicking barman and all sorts of assorted sexual shit implied

    such shows didn't look down on kids or teach them fantasy bullshit instead they opted to teach truth as best the could via fcc regulations

    now batman can't even hear something like 'you're gonna die' coming outta the jokers mouth as if death sex drugs 'n the cruel realities of the world aren't real

    doing that only creates a bunch of selfcentered ignorant shits who really don't care about hurting others all while expecting the world to kiss their asses

    lol if anything this kid nation show shoulda been rough 'n tumble to at least fix a small chuck of the current gen

    edit- actually from the one clip I saw of kidnation it sorta does prove some youths are still decent

    in the clip I saw most were unwilling to harm a chicken for dinner and when put to a vote they blocked the douchebaggy kids 'n hosts from killing said chicken
  10. it seems like it's about preparing kids for life in a sense. I mean the kids get jobs, the highest getting paid $1.00, the lowest .10. They have cooks, merchants, etc and the kids are divided into 4 teams of color. There is a "city council" which consists of 4 kids, one representing each team. Most of the food is provided for them, they have livestock, they have a candy store where everything costs like a nickel. At the end of every mission or whatever, the council picks a person to recieve a gold star worth $20,000. So all in all it is like a huge summer camp with no parents and they can win $20,000 every week! (I know i'm lame for watching it but i was bored)

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