Kid Icarus: Uprising

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by ReallyRed, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. This game is going to be so epic!

    who all is going to get it when it comes out?
  2. I'm definitely gonna get it but I have to say, the voice acting seems kinda corny but other then that it looks fun, especially the multiplayer.
  3. Damn this game is fun as hell!

    if you've played the metroid FPS on the DS, you will be familiar with the control scheme.

    already played some multiplayer matches, got my ass pwned on some, pwned on others.

    it's worth checking out if you have a 3ds and like action games.
  4. This game is really fun, I love all the many weapons and powers to choose from.

    Chapter 5 is really trippy, I gotta play that level again when stoned. Also Thanatos is soooooo fabulous.
  5. Hell yeah, this game is kick-ass.
  6. Man, i loved the fifth level! you're right, it is pretty damn trippy!

    can't wait to pick up from my guy to play this stoned! probably going to suck at it but i don't care about that, the 3d plus the awesome soundtrack and the banter (fuck, the banter is hilarious sometimes!) means i'll probably be so damn absorbed into this game.

    personal favourite weapon so far are the claws! but then again i like throwing myself into the fray and just wailing on the enemies and other players in multiplayer. my personal fave strategy is getting a weapon (claws) with paralyze and a low value so when i do die it doesn't penalize my team too much. works best if i've got someone with a staff equipped since they can pick off the paralyzed player from a distance!
  7. Chapter 21 is trippier than chapter 5. That place was indeed chaotic...

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