Kid Confronts Metro Cop

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    This video originally posted to Youtube on September of 2012 shows 12 year old Jeremy Drew confronting a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer for parking on a sidewalk. The original video "" has just now gone viral after being posted on several national blogs and is sparking some very spirited debate. As of today the video has over 2 million views.
    >>I understand the cop needs to be close to his vehicle in case there is an emergency. But no need in being a richard about it

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    Yea he's allowed to do that. 
    The kid has balls tho, ill give him that.
    Yea that kid does... And he did not revert from the fact of the matter even though the cop used his "dark side" force techniques
  4. The cop just felt threatened. I don't see any dark side in his ways :p
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    Has a lawyer picked this up yet? lol I'd love to see the lawsuit considering he refused to give his badge number, which is in fact illegal.
  6. Yea he's not allowed to just say "no" when you ask to see his badge number. I hope that cop gets fucked, there's got to be something done to show the cops that just because they enforce the law, doesn't mean they're above it. Fat dick tickler havin' ass prick.
    Damn Randy, gut all full of dirty ass cheeseburgers. 
  8. from the comments, if this is true, its pretty funny

    "Just saw on the news. They interviewed the cop, he felt he should be held to the same laws as civilians. So he wrote himself a ticket. He said he's going to fight the ticket in court."
  9. Nancy Drew's brother, Jeremy Drew, on the case lol.

    Also I clicked the 2nd video and the first one started playing, it was weird man.
    O? The got an I.D. and how do i know you say who you are is true is not dark sided a tad bit? Or was it just tuff love?

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