Kicking Off In The Avenue Wasn't Good

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  1. So me and my buddy go to pick up from his 'new amazing' dealer, and this guy
    is sketching as hell claims his eyes are weird from rolling on pills but whatever, I
    need to pick up [dealer on holiday lol] so this guy snatches our money and runs
    into a random block of flats me and a freind chase him and i call up some other freinds
    waiting round the corner, and we reach the top and he goes into this flat and locks himself
    in there, so were waiting outside, he comes out with a shotgun [probably fake i didn't wanna take the chance] so I snatched our money and we ran again. Turns out it was fake, so we go to this kids house and his mum has bud in the end! :D

    Bit of a random night of dealer cat and mouse, but known the less a random story.

    Don't give me your negitive bullshit, if you hate this story then click the fucking
    'X' at the top of the screen and don't give me shit about it.

    sorry man, that last sentence or two in the post just got me all itchy and shit, kid.
  3. That's an intense story man, good read.
  4. You seem ready for people to be hating on your thread....hmmmm. Either way, who the fuck pulls out a fake shotgun? And you didn't beat his ass, at all?! I just pooped.
  5. I hate it when people say it didn't happen. How do you know, where you there. Even if you think it didnt happen it still might have. know one knows but him.
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    Thanks its safe to say this forum is full of retards who love to call troll on EVERYTHING
    they see, i have to say this story doesnt sound real but hell, yestoday was a random

    The bit that people will probably call troll on is the guys mum having bud
    which is fair enough, seems highly unlikely if i do say so myself, but she
    only have a few nugs, maybe just over a gram for a joint or two
  7. :laughing:Rofl /thread

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