kicking my husb out!!! rant holy shit!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by daiseyduked, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. You know what helps? POsting pics of yourself on here!! Ok ok I had to say it! It's an internet fourm and no Leghumpers asked for them yet! hehehehe.

    Have the man switch from his drug of choice, to yours.. Nobody ever gets violent on weed.

    Marijuania: Saving marriages since 1643


  2. lol!! he doesn't like pot anymore, i wish he did though. he's more verbally abusive than anything, probly cuz i kick ass!!. but on a good note he's been doin good. it's been 11 days sober. right now everything is good. for now. thnx!

    unoit, another Ironworker omg. you guys are a breed of your own, i swear to god on that lol! and it is a life of ups and downs that's for sure. i didn't know they had something for u guys for help, i will look into it!thnx for the #'s for the plan
  3. hahaha awsome strory

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