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  1. I'm in my final year of high school (yes, I am 18) and last week came back to school about 3 hours after a nice long session at a friends place (weed+xbox ftw). I wasn't even high, but was worried I'd smell of weed so I stashed my jacket which had my pipe in it in my locker, washed my hands and face in the washroom and went to class. I started to work when I started to get a back feeling and saw my teacher talking on the phone and glancing over at me. Sounds kind of hippyish but there was some bad vibes going on. I asked to go to the washroom and walked to my locker, the principle was waiting there for me. He asked me to come to his office where he told me I was pale (since when did being high make you pale? :confused:), my eyes red, and pupils dilated. He smelled my hands and hair and told me my right hand smelled of pot. Thing is, I'm left handed, and I know my hands didn't smell either way so I called him on it. He insisted it did, and I got up and threatened to call someone else in to smell them. He smelled it again and admitted it didn't smell.

    He then said he wanted to check my locker. We got there and I showed him my stuff and he asked to see my jacket where the pipe was. I knew I was fucked so instead of having to surrender my beautiful piece I took the jacket and started walking away. He chased after me, but I walked out and stashed my pipe.

    Fast forward to Friday, I had to go in with my parents to meet with all the school officials. He told them that my hands smelled strongly of pot and my hair did too. I tried to tell them what actually happened and what he had said but was pretty much told to shut up and sit down. Being my second offense and what they called "deliberate and direct defiance of policy and apparent lack of interest in education" (after I'd practically begged them to let me stay and promised to get my marks up to some agreed percentage) they expelled me.

    All I can say is if you're in school and toke, remember you HAVE NO RIGHTS AT ALL in school. :(
  2. bummer.

    im sorry for sounding like your mom, but man what the fuck? school barely started, and you've gotten caught twice there. the first time should have sent up a flashing sign ***holy shit, be careful!****

    but im guilty of it too. i got caught two times. not for the same drug, but still. but by my senior year, i knew better.

    and excellent job stashing your pipe.

    i know how they do, man. if they think you're high, they'll just start coming up with shit that they think goes along with their theory. "oh, you smell like pot, your pupils are dialated" because they really dont have much on you unless they search you and find something. if you get ticketed for that shit and have to go to court for it, the judge dude will read about how much you smelled and how big your pupils supposedly were and believe it, even though there would be no evidence except what the fucking principle said. it's bullshit, but so is everything else involving bud and the law.
  3. What the hell did you think would happen? The same thing the last two times. Damnn learn from it the first time
  4. Eff them :mad:
    Appeal to the school board,
    the mayor,
    the governor,
    your elected reps in congress
    get the press involved.

    They kicked you out with no evidence.
    Just the word of a liar.

    Stash your stuff, then raise all holy hell man.
  5. One thing I don't get about school systems is the need to bring your parents in when you turn 18. It's like the schools aren't promoting personal responsibility and are against setting you up for the real world. My school is the same way. If you want to call in sick when you are 18, even if you live on your own and have your records sealed off from your parents, you have to have them call in for you. I sadly have not had to go through this or the attendence people would be getting an ear full. Sorry, the law says I take care of my own shit when I am 18, there for no school is going to tell me otherwise.

    If I were you, I would get that shit looked at by a lawyer. Also, why you just sat down and shut your mouth is beyond me. I would have made sure that dumbass principal heard me the WHOLE way out. If he didn't catch me with anything and expelled me, and then proceeded to try and shut me up, it would take the whole office to get me off of him. Then, they would have a reason to expell me.

    Sorry, that kind of shit just makes me mad. Schools are just getting more and more corrupt.
  6. Flippin burgers is not that bad dude.
  7. 16-18 in highschool smoking, the #1 rule to me was never bring the shit to school.

    You can smoke and then go to school, but id be careful to always leave the shit at home.

    they brought the dogs in once and My car got searched. I knew I didnt have anything on me so i volunteered to go first. They laughed n said no one has ever volunteered to go first. I laughed and said "yeah just dont tear up my car, its the last car in the lot" meaning it was the farthest away, enjoy the walk. I went home for lunch that day got super ripped up and enjoy talking shit to the school security through out the rest of the day and week
  8. Wow, this was a long time ago, but, I was smoking with my friend in his car at lunch at burger king... we had an open campus... any way. We get back to school and walk in ten minutes early and everyone is still finishing up from their meals or what have you so we decided to go back out for another little bowl to set it off real nice. We get back in and everybody is getting to class, but the halls are mostly enpty, becuase it was about thirty seconds from the bell for next period, and all the sudden the my last hour teacher walks up to us and i shit you not she say's, "You two need to put whatever you have back in your car. The dogs might be comming today." So, i just smilled and said yes ma'am walked out to "smokers court" and stashed my weed in the bushes. I was five minutes late but they did end up comming and three people got busted that day... but not me. God i love that teacher.
  9. I was suspended for a while because they brought the dogs to school. I picked a friend up, we went to school and rolled up a doubie. We decided to smoke right in the parking lot with minimal air flow through the truck. When we got out, it was still smoky inside. He asked what to do with the weed and shit so I said leave it. First period rolls around and we had a lock down. I knew I was fucked. They tried to tell me that we just had to go check my truck for regristration. I walked out there and there were 6 cops around my truck. It blew. 10 days of out of school suspension, I was sent to probation and then they sent me to teen court.

  10. You need to spend more time in school and less time smoking so you can learn how to spell better.
  11. Because I am definitely the worst "speller" here.:rolleyes:
  12. ...i dont get it?

    Smoke and stash off of school property
  13. damn that assuming you were in high school? my high school was awesome..teacher sees us blazing in the parking lot and yells out 'can you atleast be discreet about it'. i swear like 70% of our school smokes
  14. i once did a few lines in the school bathroom just before lunch was over and i got late to class cause i got caught up in it so the teacher gave me a detention so i followed the procedure and went to the school office to collect my detention in the office, the office lady seemed suspicious so she asked me whats wrong and i said nothing.. and so i got my dention so than i went to the bathroom and checked my nose to make sure i had no white on my nose which i didnt but i noticed that i was sweating bullets and my heart was racing...

    a lot of kids in my school that ship up there nose in the bathroom and i go to a catholic school lol

    a lot of kids in my school have been kicked out for drugs, especially in my grade (c/o 08)
  15. Sweet man, happy to know im not alone. It still sucks though to hear someone else get kicekd out.

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