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    Increase the speed of firefox. This is all going to be done at "about:conifg".

    First we are going to reduce the amount of memory the cache takes up.

    1. Type "about:config" in the address bar, if you've never done this it will warn you about changing the settings in here.
    2. Find “browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewer”, right click on that and set it's value to 0 (zero).

    Next we're gonna make firefox load pages faster by opening up pipe-lining to more than just four (which I think is the default) request per page.

    1. Again, type "about:config"
    2. Find "network.http.pipelining" and set it to True
    3. Find "network.http.proxy.pipelining" and set it to True
    4. Find "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests" and set it to 10 (ten)
    5. Right click in the screen and select New > Integer then name it "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" and set it to 0(zero)

    Now what we are going to do is make firefox only use 10mb of RAM when minimized. This wont make firfox faster, but it will ease ram use when working on multiple programs.

    1. Go to "about:config"
    2. Right click and create a new Boolean, name it "config.trim_on_minimize" then set it to True

    Some other options that I don't suggest doing until you feel comfortable with about:config are things I just don't feel like explaining (also becuase you may have to add these):

    • "network.dns.disableIPv6" set to false
    • “content.notify.backoffcount” set to 5 (Five)
    • "plugin.expose_full_path” set to true
    • “ui.submenuDelay” set to 0 (zero)
  2. anyone comfirm if this actually helps?
  3. dude i use google chrome now instead of mozilla firefox and chrome is sooo much faster, much more organized and easy to use
  4. ya i remember this, i'm bout to do on this computer...

    i understand how to do it, but could you tell me what the 'optional' ones do?
  5. You're okay with the privacy issues of Chrome? If you google "Google Chrome privacy" and figure out its just too infringing for you (it was for me) i suggest SRWARE iron which is an open source version of Chrome with all the same stuff but no privacy/reporting/selling all your info to advertisers.
  6. i tried it and it works, firefox is heaps faster. thanks for that.
  7. Thanks bro +rep hope it helps my browser.

  8. hmm thanks madrid i did not know about that i havnt noticed any of that but ill def check up on it. and is SRWARE for macs too?

  9. Yes man! Chrome is the shit. Fucking firefox was running my memory into the ground. Maxing out my CPU 100%, had to make the switch, it is SO much better.

  10. yea bro!!!!

    and madrid... i checked up on chrome's privacy and its only the website requested cookies that google shares i found the legit google page...Google Chrome... and you can change the privacy settings too. on that being said i def think chrome dominates firefox with unbeatable speeds and great oraganization
  11. There are other privacy flaws in Chrome, such as its inability to disable HTTP referrers (meaning when you go to a new website, that website can see the previous website you just came from).

    Having said that, I still use Chrome because it's quicker and cleaner. Every once in a while I still run across a page that I have to open in 32-bit Internet Explorer, though.
  12. subbed so i can do this when i get home.
  13. not only that but...

    Google to enlist NSA to help it ward off cyberattacks

  14. Actually, that privacy flaw is not just central to chrome, the HTTP refer can only be read if the site is running a certain exploit that reads the HTTP refer. This also affects opera, and every other webkit or gecko browser. IE/Maxthon are the only safe browsers against that attack.
  15. Just did it, hopefully it runs faster!
  16. Using pipelining on my computer has never really helped me, it just made it try to load everything at once instead of the important shit first, clogging up my bandwidth. Not worth it in my opinion if your internet isn't fast enough to take advantage of it (mine isn't, yours might be, so try it anyways).
  17. hmmm it seems to work, thanks man but seriously? firefox takes up like 8% of my CPU even with games n stuff going and 10 tabs open idk
  18. might have to give this a try

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