Kick Ass?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by hippie flip, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. So my little brother just got Kick Ass on DVD for his bday, was wondering if I should smoke a few bowls tomorrow and watch it? Is it any good? Funny?
  2. Its a very very very entertaining movie to watch...especially baked. I highly recommend it :smoking:
  3. It's fuckin great, I had little expectations with it and was very impressed with it.
  4. It's pretty good man.
  5. EVERYone who saw the commercials thought it was gonna suck. but i was thinkin, maybe its really dark and good? so it went on the netflix list before it even came out on dvd. and in 3-5 weeks, I'll know. but I hear good things now that its on dvd. people need to not judge movies on the commercials.
    you know what, fuck commercials. We should outlaw movie commercials on TV. They NEVER do the movie justice. just put up more previews at the real movies. I LOVE previews at the movies.
    AND if you're late for the movie, but u know there are like 15-20 min of previews, you can show up when the movie is listed to start and not worry about missing anything.
  6. It is, as the name implies, very kick ass! Wannabe superheroes, Nick Cage as Batman (if Batman used guns, and had more facial hair), a scarily awesome 12 year-old girl who slaughters mooks by the dozens...what's not to love!
  7. watched it earlier high as shit, was way better than i expected
  8. The warehouse scene was sick. I just love it when the music matches the scene so perfectly
  9. Terrible movie.
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    you fail at life.
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    It's hilarious. DO IT.

    EDIT: Damn, you already did.
  12. Heathen!
  13. Its suprisingly awesome! From the trailers I expected it to be a really corny lighthearted teen film, but it turns out to actually be pretty dark and very kick ass
  14. I liked it. It's like Dinsey's alcoholic brother.

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