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Keys' Koncentrate Pickups

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by keys4life, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Jolly Rancher Sap... So freaking potent


    Some BOMB White Russian Wax

    Ill be posting my Oil/Butter pickups in this thread
    hope you guys like :)
  2. [​IMG]

    Forgot this guy :)
  3. Thats ridiculous..
  4. I just want to eat the jolly rancher shit
  5. DAMN!!!!! Those are some FINE oils man

    These are pickups? or your own creations man???

    If your buyin it, how much is that shit running you a g hahahahha
  6. You should call this thread Keys Koncentrate Konnection. Ya know kinda like the CCC... But a little different...

  7. what is so funny?

  8. i like to laugh

    i laugh a lot

    im not sure what you are implying here, or why it matters
  9. thanx guys
    i used to do all my runs myself but lately ive been letting other people do the leg work lol
    i found a nice spot in the valley that i get really top notch stuff for about 40-50 a g

    i know its alot but im not really able to do mad runs at my new location so its all good :)
  10. It all looks delicious. I literally want to eat it all.
  11. [​IMG]
    Ingrid Buds
    I know its not a concentrate but its too damn dank not to post pics
  12. excellent photography... that shit is the definition of fire. How much it run you? Make some BHO out of it ;) (wish i could afford to run 10g of dank buds just to make hash)
  13. Awesome oils man, just keep in mind that waxs/budder degrade a lot faster than oil and should be vaped asap.
  14. Great pictures and awesome concentrates man!! Toke on! :smoke:
  15. Nice concentrates man. I love me some potent oil dabs in the morning haha. I buy a g for 40-50 every few days. Some dank bid as well

  16. just a question hahahaha. very defensive of you. go dab up or somethin
  17. Hahaha no no no

    I was curious as to what you were asking man..... what the purpose was hahahahha
  18. HAHAHAheha hoo haha

  19. i get the Ingrid for $45 an 1/8
    i cant wait till i get enough to run it, should make for some POTENT oil.
  20. What method are you gonna use to make hash

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