Kellogg's boycott already having an effect!

Discussion in 'General' started by Matticus, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Well, with all signs pointing towards Subway dropping the endorsement deal with Phelps, even going as far as removing all Phelps-related content from their website, Subway has decided to keep Phelps on their team.

    I'm sure the Kellog's boycott played a huge role in this.
  2. Considering Subway's employees are probably 90% stoners - they better keep him endorsing him.
  3. lol and costomers
  4. Or maybe they realize that getting mad at someone for smoking pot is fucking retarded and they know that things need to change already.

    I'm sure if he got caught drinking, nobody would say anything.
  5. Good to hear.Fuck Kellogg's.
  6. He did at the previous Olympics. Got a DUI and Minor Consumption at 19.... don't know how his endorsements (if he had any) were affected then.
  7. well something is happening.....

  8. Maybe this is one of the waves we need to get behind to help push tolerance and acceptance of mj. Those are three groups with some clout, as it were, that each of us should look to align with. First, on a local level, then on a national level for an event of this nature.

    Perhaps it's me, but shouldn't there be more concern over the health of portions of the midwest and the rest of the country? Rather than what a college-aged athlete and a psuedo-celeb does at a frat party?!

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