Keller Williams

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  1. I just picked up Keller Williams' new album, Laugh. It's really intelligent and witty, upbeat and exactly what I need when I'm feeling kinda blah and funky.

    I saw him @ last year's Furthur festival, and he went up on stage w/ a guitar and a sampler of some sort. He beat boxed into the sampler, looped it. Then played a guitar riff and looped it, and so on, so on... Then with allthe sounds coming out of this sampler, he sang over it. It was something I never saw in my life, and the music he made had me shouting in enthusiasm and grinning and spinning around. OK yeah so I was stoned, but if you want to take a listen go to his site ( & click on the link to "the sounds." you'll see what I mean!

    For String Cheese fans he did do a project with SCI, entitled "Breathe," and there's a link to one of the songs off that album.

    Just wanted to share my "newfound" joy with someone! :)

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