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Keif question.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by zxcvbnm123, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. so i know trichromes are all thc, or 95%? or something, but my question is:

    can keif be more potent from better grown weed, or is the lower quality weed keif just as good?
  2. The bigger the heads on the trichomes that the kief is taken from, the stronger it is, generally.

    And good kief always comes from good tree. Not the case with hash oil, but kief potency is very dependent on the stickiness/fuzziness of your starting bud.
  3. does it matter you gotta grind up a half o of tree to get atleast coating for the top of a bowl
  4. lol if you have shitty bud.
  5. i love my space case.
    on subject, the colors of the trichs actually need to be a cloudy pre-amber color to be the best they can
  6. hahaha, maybe with some crap weed. a friend and i had some lavander, ground up a little over the teenth, and had enough kief to not only cover the top of our bong pack, but probably enough to take up a 1/4th of the bong pack. got us super ripped.
  7. ya man you can get some mad keif off any bud. leave your bud out in the open and let it dry up, youll collect a lot more keif. if you have some sticky icky, dry that mother fucker for like a day or two and you will get soo much keif off of it.

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