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Keeping smell of weed out of car?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JEI3US, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. So I burn before work alot and in my car alot in general. The other day I gave my dad a ride and he said it smelled like a skunk in my car ha ha and then me and a coworker went to my car to show him some kush I had because he wanted some and he was like "maaaan your car wreaks of bud bro". This not good if I get pulled over.
  2. Blow the smoke out the window?

    Although if you smoke in there everyday it's gonna smell like weed no matter what you do.
  3. Stash the weed in the the door that covers you gas tank hole (too high to remember what its called but i hope you understand)

  4. That's actually a good idea trunk always works too.
  5. I didn't think stashing the weed was his problem? It's the act of smoking in his car that's making it smell like weed!

    And I would think hiding your bud under the gas lid would have it smelling like gasoline in no time.
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  6. Close the air vents in your car when you smoke. The ducting will hold odor. Also be sure to not run your A/C or Heater unit. There are are filters in most cars for air coming from the A/C. This can get smelly if you smoke and leave the vents open or use A/C while smoking.

    Just to add, if your car smells that bad, just imagine what your work thinks of you when you come in...
  7. Ozium spray
  8. Car reefer scent doesnt stick to you and I dont burn joints obviously to avoid the smell. I go to work smelling like Gucci cologne brah.
  9. If you smoke cigarettes you can use that to mask the smell. (by making the car smell like cigarette). But yea your car is gonna smell like whatever it is your smoking.
  10. Man, just make sure you blow the smoke out of the window while you smoke. Don't let the bowl smoke in between hits. And afterwards, drive a bit with the windows down, and invest in some air fresheners. Maybe buy some anti bacterial to use on your hands so they don't ash up the steering wheel. Its easy to get caught if your car smells like reefer.
  11. When I was smoking in my car, I would peel a couple oranges and eat them, then leave the peals in the car overnight. next morning the whole car smelled of oranges, no smoke smell.
  12. A mason jar to hold all your "goods" and just smoke outside the car go somewhere pull over and step outside. It might be a hassle sometimes but getting arrested for possession is worse.
  13. Ozium spray
  14. I hotbox all the time, and just crack my windows on the way home, then it's fine.
    Just have your windows cracked when you park.
    Or go by Autozone and pick up some Ozium, shit would clear out wall street it's so strong.
  15. [ame=]Gucci Mane Kush Is My Cologne Lyrics - YouTube[/ame]

  16. Sorry but "reefer scent" does stick to you. It may not be as bad as cigarettes, but you'll probably find out the hard way when HR calls you into the office and asks you if you're high.

    "and I dont burn joints obviously to avoid the smell"

    How can you be avoiding smell and complaining about it at the same time. Obviously it DOES smell otherwise you would't be on here asking for advice, now would you "brah"?

    If it sticks to the inside of your car, it's sticking to your clothes too. Just to add, your cologne cover up wont cover your red bloodshot eyes.

    I thought I was giving good advice here but I guess you already know better. Have fun growing up son.
  17. [quote name='"welker 420"']Ozium spray[/quote]

    Best answer on here. Smoke all you want just spray a little bit when you get out your car and your good.
  18. im guessing you have fabric seats?

    solution: get leather seats. :D

  19. what an elitist. get off his nuts with your worst case scenarios man, you must live your life in paranoia

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