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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by keepsmokin, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. if one was to grow a few plants outside among 60 or so acres of woods that hunters sometimes walk around in is it worth it, rather than have them inside, is the risk to high i know you can tie them down but they would still be visable whats your opinion?
  2. if any connection to you is doubtfull or can't be proven, i don't see a problem. If others travel the territory, anyone of them could have dropped the seeds.
  3. I've heard of guys who drive down the interstate and stop at every road marker, walk fifty feet into the woods and drop some seeds. They come back and check on them once every couple of months and they always have smoke. Of course they lose some but hey always harvest more than they lose.
  4. kinda' like "Johnny Marijaunaseed" !!

    What if everybody just scattered seeds whereever they go!!! :smoking:
  5. lets say they see me havesting the plant can i say that i saw it there and only get charged with possesion?
  6. if they see u carrying it they can bust u...but if your just stand by it u can claim its not yours and u were just looking
  7. thanks for the information

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