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Keeping bud in plastic bags plus Jars

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BrownScott, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Just a habit ive always done, i put my bud in plastic sandwhich bags then put it in a jar after. Anything wrong with this method as for freshness? Should i just leave my bud alone in the jar is it fine how i have it in the bags and in the jar? Random question idk
  2. I think the most important part of storing it is keeping it in an airtight the jar. If you keep it in a jar with an airtight lid and the size of the jar is close to the size of the amount of weed you have, the jar alone will keep it fresh for ages. Letting too much air circulate around your buds just dries them out. Hey, if what you've been doing is problems. LOL TWW
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  3. I keep my stash in just mason jars. I used to do the baggy inside the jar, but felt the trichomes would stick to the plastic. I have some strains I have been storing for almost a year & they are still fresh tasting & sticky. Plus I use humidity control packets in the jars, too.
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  4. I've been doing the same, and it was all fine. But now I started to notice if I leave the weed in the jar for to long it dries up.

    Would you mind linking what exact bags you use with humid control?
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  5. Boveda Store for Herbal Medicine Storage

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  6. If all you care about freshness, then what you're doing works. But a plastic bag will hold static electricity which will cause keif and the like to stick to the sides of the bag, which doesn't happen with glass jars.
  7. Meh it's really a irrelevant amount of kief though. Stored my last QP in plastic bags inside of mason jars, maybe like some kief 1/4 the size of a BB was stuck to the bags
  8. That's what you saw. In a static electric environment there's going to be a uniform covering of the bag. It's not going to take all the keif off, but it's going to take as much as the charge through the surface of the bag can hold. It's your choice whether you want to waste keif or not. I don't see the point in weakening your weed though.

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