Keeping an air horn with you at all times..

Discussion in 'General' started by thealvinator, May 19, 2010.

  1. ...has got to be without a doubt the most useful item I can recommend anyone to have on them at all times. Annoying girlfriend yelling at you... AIR HORN! Super long line at the grocery store... AIR HORN! Having sex with your lover... AIR HORN! Also good when friends use the joint as a microphone. Thank the man who invented this portable little wonder.:hello:
  2. If some guy used an airhorn during sex I would literally stop fucking him, put on my clothes and leave. Would never call him again.

    They are pretty fun for honking at random people on the streets or in stores though :) or when you're on a boat!

  3. LMAO.

    If you have a droid phone, where u can get droid apps, there is an Air horn app!!!


  4. haha how loud is it though?

    wouldn't it blow the speakers out eventually
  5. Compared to a real one? not that great. but it is pretty loud! theres some videos on youtube...
  6. I have an air horn app on my backflip, it fucking rocks.
  7. air horns just make you a douchebag
  8. co-signed :smoke:
  9. im goign to have to disagree and opt for a megaphone:cool:
  10. I can remember way back my pops had an air horn that he used on my friends and I to scare us outta the house hahaha :rolleyes:
  11. lol I love megaphones I think that will be the next investment. Library here I come!! :D
  12. lmfao

  13. Well, you know what they say...All is fair in love and air horns.:cool:

    And yeah, they are a lot of fun...right up until you get the cops attention, which is usually something you don't want to be doing when you're baked off your ass. :D

    Other than that little buzzkill, they're a blast. Literally.
  14. Have any of you ever seen the train horns they put on cars? You can look it up on youtube, their loud as FUCK and scare the hell out of people lol
  15. During the act i would agree, but right after the climax?! that's comedy gold..
  16. ROFL, it would sound like the end of a hockey period :hello:

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