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  1. It’s very warm in the summer and cold in the winter. I want to set up a dwc grow, but know I will run into heat issues.

    Any thoughts on running the grow in a 10 gallon water cooler, or large ice chest? I’m thinking the reservoir will stay cooler for longer? I would like to dump an ice probe style aquarium cooler and call it good, but what is the most efficient option?

    What would electricity usage look like running a 1/10 or 1/15 hp chiller for 2x 5gal buckets? What about 2x 15 gal reservoirs? I’m in a 2x4 tent with 320 watts of quantum boards. No a/c being run in the room, and it’s killing me. It’s already hard to control temps, so I’m thinking it would be easier and cheaper to cool a couple reservoirs to chill the roots than to cool the 1800 cu ft space that my tents are in. I figure a 67* reservoir in a 88* tent is better than my 5 gal soil bags for indoor summer growing.
  2. Here's an attempt on my part to beat the heat.. It worked really well, but changing the frozen water bottles got to be a pia.. I bought an Iceprobe, and a ink bird hot/cold thermostat.. I plan on using the ice probe in the a 10gal Gott water cooler as a reservoir and 2 5gal igloos to grow in.. There are no electric water pumps or air stones.. The way it's plumbed with a standing water column allows the drip ring to pull water directly from the reservoir.. Gravity return to the reservoir. Two Igloos will circulate the 10 gal reservoir once an hour.. I don't have any pic of the igloo grow.. Here's a pic of two modified Waterfarms using a 5 gal bucket as a shared reservoir.. It was a winter grow, didn't need any extra cooling..
    General hydroponic waterfarm
  3. Heard of people using those freeze packs you put in a lunch box.
  4. At that point I might as well freeze blocks of ice and refill my res. I’m looking more for automation. Setting an ice probe with a temp controller and a 24/7 recirc pump seems like it would be good enough, but will the ice probe just run 24/7 to attempt to cool that amount of water?
  5. You can't expect an Ice probe to keep up with the heat an 24/7 submersible water pump will put out.. One adds heat,while the other try's to eliminate it.. Plus you have the heat added by every other thing in your room/tent.. If your going to depend on a ice probe, everything needs to be insulated and heat sources have to be removed.. It looks like your only other choice is a chiller.. . If you're going to use ice, everything still needs to be insulated.
  6. Bite the bullet and get a chiller.
    A 1/10 hp will do for 10 gallons of liquid, but any more volume than that and it will be on most of the time.

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