Keeping a Mother / New Clone/Mother chamber

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by deafeningsilanc, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. So im building a new mother/clone chamber. After i build it i will know how much head room she will have to deal with, but i doubt it will be more than 18 inches. I am going to make my own pot for her to use all the floor space ive got for a good root base, but my real question is how do i keep a mother plant small??

    i know using no nutrients will stunt growth a tad, or at least not encourage it.

    having limited space for root growth will eventually stunt growth because it will become root bound... is this a suitable method for keeping her small?

    im also looking up pruning, but cant ovout there on thater pruning stress a plant out and eventually cause it to hermie? or am i way out there on that?

    also for my clone/mother room im looking at 4, 18 inch fluoros, do you think that would be sufficient?

    :mad: the site wont let me post the pics again, so heres the link to my other thread that houses the original pic of the room, and an explanation of it.
  2. yea, bonsai-ing it will be your best bet to keep it small. i plan on trying this very soon, once i figure out which plant i have that's gonna be the mother (skunk#1 or ww)

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