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Keepin It Natural

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ChronicKiller7, May 21, 2013.

  1. Hey guys. So I have a home drug test in a month/taking a tolerance break and was wondering if there are any natural ways to help speed up the process. Like drinking a lot of water or tea, exercising, etc.
  2. wait, your taking a month long t break for a home drug test?
    those are so easy to pass lol i've never took a tbreak for one of those
  3. THC and other cannabonoids are NOT toxins, that's why they stay in your body, and things like coke get flushed out in hours. Hence any kind of 'detox' treatment will just burn your money away.
    whenever people ask this question, they normally get the response 'eat well, sleep well, exercise well'
    But to be honest, if you dont do them things anyway it's time to make a change.
    The only way i can see that you can speed up the process, is to increase your metabolism. And the only feasible ways you will do this is:
    1) Exercise IN THE MORNING. As soon as you get up. This will increase your metabolism for the whole day.
    2) Drink lots of water. 90% of chemical reactions inside the body happen in water. Ice water is even better since you use energy to heat it up!
    3) Eat small, regular meals rather than a few big ones. It'll keep you burning fuel all day long rather than hoarding it.
    Figured since I have to take a home drug test in a month, would be a good time to take a little break but if I don't have to, then thats all the better! hahaha How do you pass? Other than synthetic urine? Which is what I'm probably gonna get anyway for any following tests.
    I agree with what you say, but I heard its better to have hot beverages with meals, not cold. 
    That might be true, i was just working on the basis of speeding up metabolism, i dont really know haha.
    Water's water. Juice, pure etc. it doesnt really matter. Its a myth that you should drink pure water.. a glass of dilute still has like 95% water in it. 
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    So what's my best bet for passing the test, yet still being able to vape? I would like to be able to vape (using my pax) once or twice a week, on weekends. Figured synthetic urine was the only way, but when they get the test kit I'll look to see what it says,if my rents ever get around to getting the test hahaha. My dad doesn't really care about testing, but my mom wants to. But she can be... Forgetful hahaha. But I am still seeing this doc to make sure I'm not "dependent" on cannabis hahah. I figured the guy isn't hurting me so if it makes my parents happy, I'll see/talk to the guy. You can see my other post(s) about how this all went down ahaha lol.
    watch out for those kinda people. Psychologists WILL change the way you think, thats there job. You might go in not addicted, but come out feeling like you are.
  8. Hahaha yea i know why you mean. I just agreed with what he said so I can just move on haha.
  9. why do you have to take a home drug test? this whole worlds is fucked you gotta piss in a cup in order to keep a job but if you piss in a bottle cus ur too tired to get out of bed thats even more fucked? WHAT THE FUCK I THINK THE PISS TESTERS JUST NEED TO S MOKE A JOINT
    dangerous tactic man. I'm studying as a psychologist now.. the way we work is to trick you, thats all our job is. We trick you into thinking we care, we trick you into thinking your ill. But our biggest trick is the one where we only make suggestions, and let you feel like you came up with a solution on your own. I'm not knocking it ya know, do what you gotta do to get the heat of you... but just.... be careful man. DONT underestimate simply talking to a psychologist. That man has trained for years so he's knows exactly what you're thinking, and how to change that without you being aware!
  11. Water CANNOT get THC out of your body. It will only dilute your urine. Exercise is the best natural way to cleanse yourself of THC.
  12. I have noticed this a little where maybe I see what the "negatives" of weed are, but they're only negative and happen if you let them be. But I do suffer from some anxiety and he helps me with that so I do respect him. He also doesn't tell my parents to send me to rehab or test me or see certain doctors. He throws out the suggestions, but leaves it to me and my parents to choose what we want to do. He did also say to my parents that if they want me to see and use real hard drugs than rehab is the place hahaha he knows that's a horrible thing to do.

    So what I'm doing is no smoking, at least until I physically have synthetic urine on hand and have it readily available and ready for use.
    dude just get some of your mates urine.. someone clean. 
     No it wont, but it will speed up the process of breaking down the thc so it can filter out. 
  15. So drinking a lot (peeing often) will help?

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