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Keep smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SlowShow, May 26, 2009.

  1. So I'm defintely a noob, but I have been smoking a lot more recently and have noticed something.

    When it's just a me and a friend or two smokin a bowl or two, sometimes I'll pass on it when the bowl gets to me if I'm already feelin really good (my tolerance is ridiculously low...) and a lot of times they look at me confused when I tell them I'm good already.

    So is it considered bad etiquette to not keep smoking it if you're already feeling really good? In my mind I'm trying to be considerate and save more for whoever else I'm smokin with, but I wonder if some people look at it like I'm just bein a buzzkill or something?

    Your thoughts?
  2. no its not bad etiquitte, my friends do that on my bowl all the time, even when its just me and another person, if your friends want you to smoke their weed and try to force you then maybe they arent your friends, dont smoke when you dont want to anymore and just let them accept that, its your decision not theirs
  3. If you're good and you like the way you feel already, why ruin it by smoking more. You're going to get even more high, possibly to the point where you're going to pass out and that's no fun for anyone. Not to mention, your friends in the smoking circle haven't yet reached their peak so you're just saving more for them. Giving them a chance to reach your level.

    Since you're still in the early stages of stonerhood you still need to get a handle on things, you're fine with what you're doing. Take it at your own pace. :D

    :wave:Welcome to the life!
  4. no, I do the same thing quite often. In fact last Sunday I was smoking with a few friends at this bowling thing for work, I didn't really want to get too high so I only took 2 hits, they were sorta confused but didn't complain. More weed for them you should say.
  5. It's actually a common thing, as you can see from the others that have posted on it. Just remember to keep your refusal polite. It's happened to me a lot, and I find that it helps to refuse by saying something like "Merry Christmas, go ahead and cash it" or something like that. Just don't sweat it. :D

    Oh, and if this makes no sense whatsoever, I'm really baked so don't mind me.
  6. Whenever anyone passes on a bowl in our group, they get relentlessy shunned for being a bitch.

    It's all in good fun of course, if you feel like you're where you want to be, stay there.
  7. im not going to lie i dont think i have ever passed except when i got my gong and it tore me up! but yeah when my firends pass i get kind of confused im like WTF haha. but for real the only thing that gets me mad is when my other firned only takes litterally 2 hits off of my double bubbler with a bowl of like it wont do anyhting to u its os small.
  8. Explain to them that your feeling good and tell them to take a another hit.
  9. yeah i often do this. especially since i've got a moderatey low tolerance whereas some of the friends i smoke with have an insane tolerance. so if i'm at a point which i deem desirable then yeah, pass it along to the next cat.

    i don't see why anyone would look at you weird. if anything they should be going "more weed for me then" haha
  10. I've only passed on a bowl 2 times in my life and that has been in the last couple of months from getting really bad headaches while I am smoking. But nah man its cool. Get to where you want to be and just chill. I remember in the dorms last year me and my roommate's suitemates would take a hit or two and always pass it up, but then they would keep being like oh lets go do something else or lets go back to the dorms, So as long as you ain't nagging at them after your done smoking while they are still smoking its all good.

    edit: Or our other suitemate who would take some rips and then start bossing us around after we smoked him out. Telling us what to do and shit. Like telling me to start my car and drive and telling me how to do it. Ya, we only smoked with that kid like a total of 3 times that year

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