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  1. Sup Blades.

    These past couple of nights I've been getting these reoccurring dreams kinda. I get legit reoccurring dreams every NOW and THEN. You know, the same exact dream. But this dream I have been getting in like chapters, I don't know how else to put it. Let me explain more.

    So two nights ago, (12/21) I started having this dream (along with many other chunks of dreams I have at night). But this one stood out. I can almost remember every detail days later. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that once you wake up, the dream is basically gone. Hard to remember.

    The dream starts off that we has a human race discover a secret ancient alien society living beneath Earth's crust for who knows how long. My college (go figure) starts to do some research on it. And that is where my first dream ended.

    The next night (12/22) the dream is a little bit longer. Starts off with the aliens discovering that we discovered them. Next thing you know a giant hole rips into the center of our quad. First thing everyone thinks is that they are going to attack us. But they don't attack. Somehow a military outpost is setup and every kid on campus is issued a handgun, shotgun, and rifle. We were taught how to use them and sent back to our dorms. The last thing i remember in that dream is somehow managing to fit this shotgun into my duffel bag.

    Last night (12/23) the dream was rather quick. But I remember a lot of detail, since it was last night. So anyway, it starts off at night. All the college kids are gathered at a spot a little away from this giant hole. Some type of legit military leader is talking to us. He is saying that last night he saw a 100 ft. long alien monster on the other side of the wall (I don't know) and it took out half his men before they could kill it. He is warning us to be careful when they start attacking and he needs all the help he can get. That is why we were issued guns.

    After his speech he basically marches us to this quad and has us gather around two sides of the square. So we are not shooting at each other when they appear. We wait a little while and these dinosaur type alien things start appearing out of the hole and they start throwing like lava balls at us. There is a lot of them and people start going down. I'm looking in all my pockets for my guns and I guess the only thing I had on me was chapstick. So I pick up this dinosaur alien thing (they were really small) and start rubbing it on it thinking it would burn it up, but it didn't. And then the guy next to me cuts its head off using a knife. And that was the end of that dream.

    Like I said I have been getting this once a night, I'm kinda curious if I will have the same type of dream again tonight. If I do I will update this thread. But other than that, what do you make of this blades? Has this happened to anyone else?

    TL;DR - Just read the post, reading isn't horrible you know.
  2. my interpretation:

    subconsciously, you feel you are uncovering something that was there all along

    once it is uncovered/realized, it becomes a potential threat and you set up a defense

    you are being lead by someone or a philosophy against the issue. you follow with trust

    you start fighting the large, comprehensive issue that has been affecting you for a long time. you feel defenseless when you confront it and someone else takes care of it for you
  3. LOL what kinda chapstick was it? i bet if it was dr.pepper flavored it woulda worked.
  4. chapstick wasn't gonna do shit to that alien, come on OP what were you thinking.
  5. It was "Chap Stick" That black normal kind.
  6. It was the only thing in my pocket. =/ I had to try it.
  7. Maybe in the next dream, you can win the war by seducing the aliens, and interbreeding with their kind.
  8. Go to sleep so you can tell us more

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