Keep fear alive/ Rally to restore sanity

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    Thoughts? I think it's about time something like this happened and I think celebrities should continue stand up and do things like this.
  2. Colbert blundered today.
  3. Why? What are they doing that you think is redeemable or different from what Beck did?? What exactly makes that clown Colbert and Stewart "above the fray"?

    Anyone could have predicted it and many did.
  4. I can't believe Pelosi tried to defend his behavior. Whatever he intended to do, it fell far short of the mark. I didn't like him before. I like him even less now.

  5. Not the point, the fact that they are making an attempt to raise awareness and bring people in is what I'm talking about.

    I for one think his satirical approach is more effective than just giving cold hard facts. It's not like anything we say they give a fuck about. Imo our government is a joke, from the filibuster bs, to the two party system.
  6. I think its pretty pointless. What exactly are they trying to achieve?

    These seem like the "posters" for the event, can't really confirm that, found it on March To Keep Fear Alive - Rally To Restore Sanity - 10/30 | Geekosystem
    So, basically what they're saying is if you're liberal you'll be accepted, so come hip-hip hoorah with us.

    WTF is he talking about? Its just baseless bullshitting, liberals love it though. Everyone always seeks to confirm their own beliefs, bullshit rallys like this just make people feel like their beliefs are confirmed. Haha, I might even call this stuff propaganda.

  7. [​IMG]
  8. i agree it's pointless as well... but any of these rallies say the same thing IMO.. i doubt a liberal would be "accepted" at a "tea party"/GOP rally either.

    i hate this comment

    it's pretty fucking arrogant and shitty in my opinion. Mocking anyone for having the balls to get out and rally for anything they beleive in (whether we agree or disagree) is bullshit.
    I'm sure there are plenty of people that attend rallies who have families and jobs, and busy lives.
    More people (myself included) should get off their ass and rally for something they beleive in.
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    So liberals are the only ones that don't like shouting? Or putting Hitler mustaches on people? Or that are too busy? I find your comment made after that particular quote to be rather funny.

    I don't see them excluding conservatives anywhere. Are conservatives likely to attend? Nope, probably not. Considering their audience however that is hardly a surprise.

    Of course it is baseless bullshitting....that's kind of the point. They are comedians. Propaganda though? Now that is a bit of a stretch.

    Why do they have to be trying to achieve anything? Why does there have to be a point? I know that most of the people that I know that are planning on attending (myself included) see it as an opportunity to have a little take a step back from the heat of politics and reflect in the absurdity of all of the rhetoric. Perhaps there are even those that (like me) want to take a bit of time to reflect on our own occasional politically charged lapses in anger management and mock ourselves.

    I can see your point except for one is a rally for people too busy to go to rallies. It's a joke. If it was meant to be taken seriously then there wouldn't actually be a rally because everyone invited would be too busy.

    I understand that it isn't everyone's sense of humor and yes, it is mocking Glenn Beck's rally....but heck, I hate traveling long distances and I despise crowds and yet I can't think of anywhere I would rather be on October 30 than at that rally. I just hope like heck that I can actually manage to get there.

    Those that are being mocked are already pissed off (and proud of it from what I have seen) so I woud think they would welcome the case they were running low on things to get pissed off about.
  10. I really never said that, but yeah my post would seem a bit bias. I was only callin' it like I see it though. The reason I can identify that these rallies are for liberals is the rhetoric, yes. Seriously, you even put the 'stash line in your post, you don't see it? That's mainly a talking point that liberals use to bash conservatives.

    Yeah, admittedly its for liberals. So, whats so funny about me pointing it out?
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    There wasn't really any reasoning in attributing the ideas to liberalism, though.

    I'm something of a social libertarian and I completely agree with the stated idea. The entire country
    (or maybe just the media?), but most specifically the congress, needs to take it down a notch and start working together again to accomplish the goals that are in all our interests. Right now everyone seems to be in this game of Russian roulette where it's either their ideas or no ideas. That's not going to work coming from any ideology.
  12. When some people talk it makes sense - until you think about it.
    (paraphrased quote by someone I can't remember who)

    When others people talk it doesn't make sense - until you think about it.

    The message on Keep Fear Alive is one of the latter and typical Stephen humor. Either you like it or you don't :) I happen to love it. It's irony which is the whole point of Stephen T. Colbert the character.
  13. You sure about that? Of course this isn't the same as Beck's rally... but there are some rallies that are very, very mock-able.

    [ame=]YouTube - KKK White Supremacist Gets Punched In The Face[/ame]
  14. It's a joke people come on...
  15. i think it's a good idea. i don't see how it's any more pointless than any other rally. seems to be an enjoyable atmosphere to get together with like minded people to discuss various issues and share information. i'm interested to see how things turn out.
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    So, you're for government backed, partisan rallies?

    You know, if you have to keep reminding people its a joke, then its probably not a very good one.

    What the fuck is the joke?

    So, you would have been fine with a Bush government/Fox rally that was meant to demean Democrat voters?
  17. sure, i certainly wouldn't protest it. regardless, i don't see how comedy central is comparable to fox news.
  18. it think people are taking this way too seriously...

    glenn beck had a rally, who the fuck cares? don't agree with his message, don't go to the rally

    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have a rally, who the fuck cares? Don't like it, don't watch comedy central this saturday. Personally, i think those two guys are fuckin hilarious, but i highly doubt ill waste my time watching their rallies on TV
  19. Because the main intent of their show is to poke fun at conservatives. While they generally do an OK job at remaining 'moderate' :)rolleyes:), if you watch their shows it's obvious they work to demean conservatives.
  20. is poking fun at conservatives not allowed?

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