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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by barbarity, May 13, 2006.

  1. get fishing line and get it around ur plants, like trees that surround it or posts.

    the first string should be like 3'' off the ground and the secong string should be 18 '' off the ground

    there deer will try walking into it and be like "what the f...!" :D

    anyone know any way to keep rabbits or bugs away with out hurting the plants??
  2. Fox piss or your any type of smell a human has, I used to go hunting on my dad and when the animals smell you the grunt and stay away .so if you spray cologne/perfume near your grow they shouldnt come near it.
  3. yea now its coming to me haha, i rember scents can scare them away too or attract them
  4. Piss around ur plants, not on them. around them, also pine cones if there are some around, animals don't like walking on them.
  5. Piss also makes a N rich fert, but should be diluted 10:1 first. Do it when it´s raining??
  6. im about to piss around mine a bird was near my plants and now i got to be careful
  7. me and my friend have 8 plants all bigger than a foot we r havin problem wit bugs:mad:
    any ideas i dont wanna kill the plants with bug killers
  8. Make an organic insecticide with garlic and soap.
  9. has neone here ever had deer eat there plants, i think its a rare occurence, nver happened to me but i know what is more suspect to eating plants, rabbits, slugs, bugs, pets.
  10. My dad told me him and his brother would put predator urine and shit around their plants when they were in highschool cuz deer and bunnies would chow their crop, so predator urine sounds like the way to go for mammals. ive always wondered if it would be beneficial to keep spiders around your plants, to keep bugs away.
  11. from my growing down in B.C. i have problems with slugs, unless plants are a foot tall, they only attack seedlings, but occasionally if u don't use any slug bait they will fuck up plants even 3 feet tall. cats are feends for marijuana, may sound stupid but they will mow your plants, be fearful your plants got raided if you see your cat stumbling down the hallway. rabbits are bad too, piss and hair keeps good protection.
  12. Spiders are the good guys, look after their webs. The wolf spider, which actively hunts harmful bugs, is a real good guy.
  13. Hey Barbarity! I have a great solution for this. If nothing has actually been working for you to keep those rabbits and bugs away from the plants; you need Dog Decoys! You actually don’t have to worry about the fencing of the lawn or plant area when you have this amazing dog decoy on spring, like running. Get it today at Dog Decoys; this one is just amazing. It is also best advised to use on dog decoy with Scent Disk Accessory Kit. It works!!
  14. I tried the fishing line idea, but the deer around here must be familiar with that tactic, because I watched a spike weasel his body through the 3 layers of fishing line to snack on my spinach. My husband put up electric fencing a week ago. When it's on, it keeps the deer out. We have two lines of it. We're going to put a third line lower to the ground to keep our chickens and hopefully prairie dogs & other rodents out.

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