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Keep blunt fresh for month?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xDS, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I'm going to the store today and I'm gonna pick up 2 dutch cigarillos and was wondering can I roll a blunt and put it in a ziplock bag until the second week of school? Will it still be fresh?
  2. uhhh why not just buy one when you need it?
  3. Money is tight and I may need those few dollars soon. Would rather buy them now.
  4. ... What do you buy your weed in, that keeps it from going stale?
    Ziploc bags. Anything that seals airtight.
  5. Uhhh, if you dont have 2$ for a blunt you shouldnt be smoking weed probably bro....
  6. i bought 66 blunt wraps before 4/20 and still have a few but what they told me keeps them fresh(actually works) get a small sponge and get it kinda damp and put that with the wrap in an airtight glad container. it'll keep it from getting stale/dry. hope that helps bro.
  7. you dont have a dollar for a wrap later? blunt wraps dry out quick if they are exposed to air. just turn in some cans later if you really dont have the money..
  8. sounds more like a recipe for growing mold..... :(

    also, ziplock bags aren't airtight, the plastic is porous, glass isnt porous which is why its better .
  9. Bad plan in general, abandon it.
  10. no way i could wait a month to smoke. good luck with it, but i see it getting lost or smashed and weed wasted.
  11. Dude, just smoke it. Then smoke tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, etc...
    Then before you know it, it is a month later, and you've smoked fifty blunts instead of one old-ass stale blunt. Simple geography, bro.
  12. Bad Idea. Will probably be stale among other things. This makes no sense of why you would do this.
  13. Mason jar? If it'll fit.
  14. Enjoy that rolling that stale rello. Especially if its a dutch master, the leaves are a pain in the ass if its stale.

    You can't afford to pay 60-75 cents for a new rello a month later? Hell, the guy that works at my gas station spots me cigars all the time. Just buy a single for now and go back later.

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