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Keef Firecrackers

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Chopped Twinkie, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Hokay, So. I am going to make keef firecrackers. I have had zero luck with my previous ones, so for this one i am going to ask you guys for help.

    I'm using:
    - half graham cracker with Skippy natural PB
    - half graham cracker with Nutella
    - enough keef to get me pretty high if i just smoked it
    - toaster oven, 320F for 22 mins
    - foil

    I will use the same steps, just spread the shit on the cracker and evenly distribute the keef on the PB and sandwich em and wrap em in foil.

    Is that temp too high to heat the keef?

    > I am wondering if the reason why edibles have not worked for me in the recent past (because i also ate a brownie that my buddy made) is due to the fact that i smoke a ton o pot and my tolerance is built up. usually one or two bowls gets me high, so i am unsure about this :/

    I will return tomorrow with the results.
  2. Edibles don't really have a big link to your tolerance, the brownie prob didn't have enough bud or something
  3. Put it in only for 20 mins I do that every time with perfect results
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    edibles most certainly have a link with your tolerance, you are still using the same substance, just with another route of administration. They can be more efficient when made well, but it's not like 0.3 that could destroy a newbie, will have the same effect on a daily toker.

    why would 2 mins less make such a big difference :p? Longer time at lower heat is better than shorter time at higher heat for edibles.

    OP, next time make a single serving of cannabutter/oil and don't forget to decarb your kief (put it in the oven for 15 mins @ 220f in a tinfoil pouch). You should use an amount equal to what you would smoke in an evening to truely experience the edible high, and from the sound of it you should use more than a bit of kief ;) So if these didn't work, try making cannabutter/oil with about 2 bowls worth in it.

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