KC Brains any good?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PhelpsFan1, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking of going with KC Brains Northern Lights because they're cheaper so I could bu more, but are they any good? Why are they so cheap (on attitude at least).

    I'm not too familiar with the different brands. I like serious seeds from what i've read so far.

  2. You might wanna check out the "Legit Seed Banks" thread over on the "Seed Banks"
    forum here..

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  3. kc brains are excellent strains. they have some of the best genetics there are. the problem has to do with the storage and germination rates. alot of crushed, old, or just bad seeds were sent out in years past. this gave him a bad rep. for outdoor strains, there really isnt a better plant. they are by far the most vigorous, healthy plants you will buy. they dont come with fancy names like some others tho. so far ive had great germ rates, and lots of good plants from his stuff. i just have outdoor strains, so i cannot comment on the NL. i would suggest you try it tho. and while ur at it, get 1 or 2 other strains as well. 33 seems to be the one everyone likes. i like the DD, spontanica, and mango as well as the 33. all are growing at least twice as fast as the other strains in my room. if you are an outdoor beginner, get the kc 33. fairly indestructable plants. get em at dope-seeds.com they are better prices, and far less for shipping.

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