KC Brains 3reg seed grow. Afghani special//Cristal limit//Sweet dreams

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    They were germinated 3days ago In a paper towel.

    All have been potted except for one. There may be only 2 in this grow. They are regular seeds so im hoping for females.
    They are in peat moss for now while they pop. I have a heat mat up under them as well. They are in a humidity dome...
    I wasnt sure that peat moss was the best to start them in but i figured it would work.

    I will update again when they pop.
    I also have another grow with one plant in flower but i will be doing the journals apart from each other.

    I am still new to this as the current one is my 1st flower cycle. I plan on doing this one organically with a water only soil. I am still up in the air on that one. Only because i want to make sure im doing things correctly. I also have some
    Spearmint, cantaloupe, and tomatoes i just put in the pot. They were not germinated but the moringa seeds i ordered just went into germ today!

    Im excited about all of the plants i think more about the moringa and cannabis.


    A blunt a day keeps the doctors away!
  2. Only my afghani special popped. My other 2 seeds were duds.... So ill throw a bunch of bag seeds in too!! Maybe even a lemon haze auto. Bag seeds have been germinating for 2 days in shot glasses.

    A blunt a day keeps the doctors away!

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